Will Home Automation Make Couples Therapy Obsolete?


OK, I’ll admit that home automation won’t really make couples therapy obsolete, but it could definitely change the narrative! If you think about it, there have been several recent advances in technology that at least have the potential to make some age old couples fights obsolete. Here are just a few of the arguments that might never plague couples again:

Fighting About Who Left the Lights On

When lights get left on, bills go up. That means that fighting about the lights is actually a fight about money. ABORT! This is a tricky subject for couples, and many say it is the main reason that most relationships fail. The good news is that with home automation, anyone can check to make sure that the lights are off so money – and relationships – can be saved. There are lights that are smart and can be controlled through an app, but there are also smart plugs that you can use to make any light smart.

Fighting About Housework

No one wants to spend their rare, precious spare time doing housework. No one. When you are a couple, it is customary to split the housework but that plan often goes awry. With home automation, there are some chores that can be checked off the list – like sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Three less chores means three less things to fight about?

Fighting About What is on the Grocery List

Do you need milk? What about ranch dressing? If someone didn’t add the right things to the list, or worse – made a list and then left it at home – then grocery shopping can end up being a nightmare. Well, home automation sweeps in to save us all again. If you have tons of money, you can buy a smart fridge with a camera that allows you to look inside remotely. If you only have some money, you can invest in a home assistant that allows you to add things to your shopping list with just your voice, and also allows you or anyone from your household to access that list on the go.

Fighting About Whether the Door was Locked

Whether you are heading out for the day or heading to bed for the night, you want to make sure the door is locked. No one wants to have to go back to the house or leave their cozy warm bed to check, but also, no one wants to get robbed. With smart locks, you can check the status of all your locks with your phone or tablet – from the comfort of your car or bed.

Fighting About Mowing the Lawn

It has to be done. But it’s hot outside and you want to Netflix and Chill. Well, believe it or not there are actually automated lawn mowers. True story. You can get the yard work done AND watch a full season of Stranger Things all in the course of one day.

What fights do you think can be solved with home automation?

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