Using Smart Home Technology to Clean Your Pool and Spa


Getting a home pool and spa always seems like a good idea. And it is a good idea on those hot summer days and on any night. But then there is all the maintenance. Cleaning. Covering. Filling. More cleaning. Sure, you could hire a company to send a professional out every week or two to check on your pool and spa, or you could use smart home technology to manage your system yourself ā€“ saving money and time.

Smart technology for home pools and spas is also a great option for anyone that is managing a vacation property, and for those that take extended vacations throughout the year. Maintenance is a year-round job, and that is an important thing to remember as you work on a plan to keep your pool and spa in the best condition.

Whether you are looking to access controls on the go on your smartphone or tablet, or just want an all-in-one touchscreen control mounted inside your home, there are products available.

Using automated products for your home pool and spa has several advantages. The first is the most obvious (at least for me), and that is turning on heaters, lights and jets from anywhere. This means I could turn on my spa as Iā€™m leaving work, so that it is ready for me to jump in right when I get home ā€“ no warm up time needed.

Another great reason to use automated pool and spa tools is that you can program the filtration system and pumps to run at a time during the day that your energy providers deems to be non-peak hours, which of course translates to lower costs.

Smart pool and spa technology can also build your entire maintenance program and keep it in sync. There is no way around these functions, as they are what keep your pool and spa safe for use. From filtering the water to adjusting the chemicals for sanitation and pH balance to cleaning algae off the bottom and sides of the pool, automation can take care of these heaving lifting tasks so that you can enjoy your summer.

Some of the smart home technology for pools and spas acts more as a partner for homeowners. Instead of doing all the work itself, it will monitor and collect data about your pool, and tell you what to add and when. Those kinds of details are essential if you are going to try to save money by not using a pool company for your maintenance. Some savvy, forward-thinking pool companies are teaming up with technology for pool and spas so that they can offer customers a hybrid experience. In these cases, the smart technology might recommend that a specific chemical be purchased, and give you a one-click option to order that product.

These hybrid solutions could also be a way for customers to connect with services. If a pool or spa condition is too far gone, homeowners can easily and quickly request to have someone sent out to help.