Use Smart Technology to Have a Killer Summer


With summer coming around again, I started thinking about the ways that I’ll be using smart technology to make my summer even better. Here are my top four ways to use smart technology to have a killer summer.

Weighing and Measuring

There are smart scales available that are for weighing food and humans. It’s really easy to get off track with your diet during the summer since there are amazing BBQs to go to, picnics to attend, and ice cream men to chase. Luckily, you can try harder to stay on track with a little help from some smart products. When you aren’t attending or hosting an amazing summer party, you can use a smart scale to measure your portions. Your smart scale can send reports and readings to an app that helps you track your nutrition. You can also get a scale to weigh yourself that can do the same thing. It can send your weight to your phone or tablet to help you track your progress, and to make recommendations about fitness and nutrition.

Find Things To Do

Yes, the internet still exists, and you can use your phone or your tablet to look up movie times and find other things to do. OR – you could use a home assistant, like Amazon’s Echo, and use your voice to find things to do! Both methods work, but using Echo is a lot more fun. The brain behind Echo, Alexa, can fill you in on nearby showtimes, concerts, and other events. She can also tell you what to expect from the weather, and how much traffic you’ll encounter getting there. If you aren’t going to drive yourself, Alexa can call you an Uber. If you decide to stay in, Alexa can order you a pizza and even play some games with you to keep you, and your guests, entertained.

Entertaining Guests

Smart home technology is super fun to use for entertaining your guests. You can use it to play great party music, control your outdoor lights for a cool nighttime hangout, and even to create the right atmosphere for movie or game night. You can create recipes that turn on all your entertainment equipment, like your TV, streaming device, and sound system, while simultaneously turning down your lights. You can also use a smart remote to rewind or fast forward your movies. If you watch a movie through Amazon Video on your Fire TV and also own an Amazon Fire tablet, you can use their X-Ray program to view information about the cast and music of the movie, and get some fun trivia!

Be Spontaneous

Summer is a time for spontaneity! With smart home technology, you can be safe, and spontaneous. Want to chase the ice cream man down or grab your bike and ride through the neighborhood? If you have smart locks, you can just get up and go! Program your locks to engage and disengage when based on your phone’s location, and all you’ll need is to have your phone with you, which of course you’re going to do anyway.

How will you be using smart home technology to have the best summer ever?

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