How To Use Home Automation to Beat the Summer Heat


It’s summertime in the United States, and the heat is on all over the country. These are different days though, where we have the technology we need to beat the heat, while still concentrating on saving energy.

Not so long ago, you had an on and off switch for your air conditioner, and that was it. More recently, you are able to set controls so that it only kicks on when it reaches a certain temperature. While this advancement has been great and does save energy, it isn’t as good as it gets. These days, you can have complete, automated, remote control of not just your air conditioner, but also other units in your house that can help you control the overall temperature all summer long.

Smart Air Conditioners

A smart air conditioner will give you similar controls to what a smart thermostat gives you. You can use the companion app to adjust the temperature, power your unit on or off, and even create schedules that sync with your family’s schedule. If you have a schedule set, but get caught in traffic, you’ll be able to delay the power so that you’re not cooling an empty house. Scheduling is also great for if you have pets, since you need to make sure they stay cool during the day. If the temperature rising above what the weather report was, you can remotely turn your unit on. A smart air conditioning unit will also likely have convenient features to help you maintain your unit, like alerts about your filters.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are great because they allow you to control whatever device you want. A smart switch plugs into your regular outlet, then you set it up by naming it and connecting it to your WiFi. Once it is set up, you can plug in a fan, so that you can control it remotely. A long as you leave your fan in “on” mode, you’ll be able to turn the power on and off using the smart switch app. You can turn the fan on when you leave work so that it starts to cool the house before you arrive.

Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are great for controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room in your home. Smart blinds can be programmed to work on a specific schedule, or you can simply control them remotely. You can control if your blinds are open all the way, closed all the way, or slightly open or closed. These are great to use in the rooms in your house that face the sun during the day. With control, you can keep the blinds in a position that responds to the sun, and you can keep your house cooler. If you can keep the core temperature of your house cooler, you’ll have less need to run your fans and air conditioners.

How do you use home automation to help you beat the heat of summer? Leave me a comment.

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