Use Alexa to Window Shop on Your Television


Amazon’s Alexa can do a lot of things, and now she can even help you shop right from your Fire TV screen. Here are a few ways that you can use this convenient feature on your Fire TV, right from the comfort of your couch:

Shopping Option #1: Window Shopping

If you aren’t sure exactly which product you want, you can turn your television screen into a window that shows you all the things. Shopping for new bedding? Just ask Alexa to find bedding for you, and BAM! you’ll have a bunch of options right there on your screen. When you find something you like, just ask Alexa to show you more details and then select the product that caught your attention.

Shopping Option #2: Product Suggestions

You can also browse products by asking for suggestions. These can be based on popularity, calculated and curated by Amazon itself. Amazon uses customer reviews and ratings to help identify which products customers like the most, and which have the best feedback. This is similar to Amazon putting products higher in search results on your computer or phone, or tagging certain products with “Amazon’s Choice.”

Shopping Option #3: Price Checking

If you’re driven by price, like so many of us nowadays, you can use Alexa to check on prices for products that you are eyeing. The prices of products on Amazon change almost as much as the prices of airfare; it’s all about when you check. So, check back often! If you’re considering buying something, just ask Alexa to show you price of that product and all of a sudden you’ll see the results on your screen.

Shopping Option #4: Reorder

You can also use your television and Alexa to reorder products that you have bought in the past. If you have a favorite brand of paper towels or toilet paper or dog food or just need a hoard of batteries, just ask. Restocking these types of home essentials is quick and easy, so you can place the order as soon as you think of it, before you forget it and curse about it later.

Shopping Option #5: Deals

Back to that whole saving money thing. Amazon often runs product deals that sometimes last for a while, but sometimes are only for a limited time. No matter what you are shopping for, it’s worth it to do a quick inquiry with Alexa to find out what the latest deals are so that you can save as much money as possible.

Purchasing and Tracking

Alexa is there with you through the end, all the way to actually placing your order as well as tracking it. Once you pick the perfect item, just tell Alexa to add however many you want to your cart, or you can even use your remote to completely your purchase. Once you have placed your order, you can simply ask Alexa where your stuff is and you’ll get a detailed account of when to expect your purchases.

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