Unpopular Smart Home Technology Opinions


While most of my articles are in favor of smart home technology, I am not completely bias. I do believe that smart home tech will be continue to infiltrate our personal and professional lives, and that it will eventua

lly be the new standard for living. I don’t, however, believe that we are seeing the absolute best of what this technology will come to be. With that said, I decided to explore and share some of the unpopular opinions I have heard or had myself about the current state of smart home technology.

Unpopular Opinion: Smart Home Speakers Aren’t Necessary

While smart home speakers are pretty cool, they generally don’t offer much that you can’t access through your phones and tablets. Sure, some of the brands offer a speaker that will also work as a hub for your entire smart home, but most models don’t do that. Speakers offer a slew of personally convenient skills, but right now they are still mostly thought of as a novelty. I could control my lights with my voice, but it isn’t much faster than flicking my finger two times to open the app and control the light. I don’t think this will always be the case, but right now these devices need a lot more work if they are going to hold up as the smart home revolution advances.

Unpopular Opinion: Smart Tech Doesn’t Increase Home Values

Sure, many people think that pimping a home out with the latest smart tech will make it the coolest, and most valuable, home in the neighborhood. There is another point of view, though, that isn’t in favor of the latest and greatest technology. For many people, new technology might be something they don’t know how to use, 

or it might cost them more money than they have budgeted in maintenance and upkeep. The other risk with the “newest” technology is that it really won’t be long before it is “old” technology.

Unpopular Opinion: Smart Home Set Up Is Too Expensive

Sure, when you look at smart home devices individually, it doesn’t seem that bad. The truth is, though, that you aren’t just getting one device, you’re getting several devices and you have to buy them all separately. You can get some bundles, but there isn’t yet one single company that can satisfy your smart home needs from A to Z. Oh, and some devices will require extra paid services, like cloud storage or remote monitoring.

Unpopular Opinion: Smart Home Tech is Actually Still Far from “Smart”

We’re not even close to Her. Our smart tech – while it is certainly an accomplishment – is still more universal than it is personal. Families and cohabitors alike are finding it difficult to navigate through the clunky waters of sharing a device that seems to be meant for more personal use. While some advancements are being made, it seems like there is still a long way to go before this tech is smart enough to adapt to the needs of its owners autonomously.

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