Types of People You’ll Meet Shopping for Home Automation This Holiday Season


Well, with Halloween over it is officially November – and officially the holiday season. With that comes shopping – a lot of shopping. While online shopping is a major alternative to shopping in-store, many consumers still hoof it out to the stores to get demos, use coupons, and get the best deal. For those that brave the mean aisles, here is my creative, exaggerated take on the types of people that you’ll meet shopping for home automation this holiday season:

People That Just Want a Deal
They don’t even care what they are getting. They are looking for the lowest price, not the highest quality. They aren’t even sure if they are going to keep the product or gift it – and in some cases they aren’t even sure what it does. No matter, it looks cool and it’s super cheap so they can add it to their pile of gifts and decide what to do with it later.

People that Just Want to Do a Trial Run
I toss my hat to these people. They are probably stuck hosting the holidays, and want to take advantage of a store or product’s return policy to make the most of their holiday. They will buy several awesome home automation products, put them all on credit, use them to have a convenient holiday season (and bonus: look cutting edge and trendy), and then return them just before the return period ends. You have to admire them.

People That Have Annoying Kids
These are for sure my least favorite. I mean, I know parenting is hard, but wasn’t there a babysitter available? Or, could just one parent go to the store? Or, at the very, very least, could you please pay attention to and engage your children so that they aren’t terrorizing the rest of us?

People That Just Want to Make a Commission
They will sell you anything, because they want to make a commission and then go do their own holiday shopping – so the more money you spend the better. They are professional spinners – they can spin any combination of products and prices into the best deal for you and who knows, in the end maybe it is the deal of a lifetime for you.

People That Don’t Want You to Buy Inexpensive, Cheap Products
These people are acting with positive intentions. They want to protect your money, and they don’t want you to go for the deal just because it is inexpensive if they know the product is cheap. These people can actually be vital to your family’s safety, since many home automation products revolve around security. This is one area you don’t want to go cheap in, so it might be best to listen to these salespersons. Plus, the stuff that isn’t crazy on sale will have more items and options in stock.

Finally, you might see me out shopping for home automation products for the holidays. Are they gifts or am I shopping for myself? I’ll never tell.