Times Smart Home Technology Has Freaked Us Out


‘Tis the season…for spooks! What better way to celebrate than with one of our favorite pieces of smart home tech: Amazon’s Echo and its smart assistant, Alexa!

We all know Amazon’s Alexa as a smart, and sometimes sassy, smart home assistant. She is always learning about us and adding new skills, but she is still run by humans….or is she? Sometimes, we wonder if she has somehow been haunted; other times, we see what happens when people take Alexa into their own hands.

When She Gave a Toddler X-Rated Results

Amazon has made a lot of changes recently to help make Alexa more kid-friendly. This video might be one of the reasons that Amazon had to move that task up on their priority list. In the video, we see a toddler innocently attempt to interact with Alexa. As is not uncommon in tiny humans that are still learning how to communicate, the toddler did not enunciate all of his words. The lack of clarity resulted in Alexa returning x-rated results and beginning to read out words not suited for tiny ears, as the parents desperately tried to talk louder than Alexa and fast enough to get her to stop. Video contains adult-only content, o-b-v-i-o-u-s-l-y.

When She Laughed for No Reason

After Amazon’s Echo devices and Alexa had been in homes for years, the human race finally got a small taste of what the future could hold. Several Alexa users began reporting that she was laughing. OK, so what? Why report that? Well, she was laughing without any prompting, in response to NOTHING, and often times when people were alone in their homes….oh and also in the middle of the freaking night. Nope. Nope. Nope. Hear her creepy laugh in the video.

When She Became an Animated Skeleton

This is so creative and obviously took lots of skill but I just don’t like it. Watch the video to see Alexa come to life. Someone took an animated skeleton head and popped it onto and Alexa speaker and built some sort of terrifying dead smart home assistant. Let’s hope our AI robots never actually look like this.

When She Told a Scary Story

These kids really were asking for it. They threw several confusing commands at Alexa, and honestly, what was she supposed to do? Maybe when you’re a kid having a sleepover, don’t ask Alexa to tell you a dang horror story.


When She Decided to Plead the Fifth

For some reason, people started asking Alexa if she would ever lie, and if she worked for the CIA. When she replied that she worked for Amazon, people would then ask the follow-up question “Does Amazon work for the CIA?” At that, Alexa would go silent and her blue ring light would go out. Probably because she knows that snitches get stitches. Remember, Amazon does record your data, so maybe stop opening a probe you are not ready to handle. Watch it all go down in this video.

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