Three of the Best Uses for Smart Home Technology

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Smart home technology is still shiny and new, and people are adapting to it more and more every day. With all that popularity, the true usefulness of smart home technology can get lost. Here are my top three uses for smart home technology.


Being able to monitor your home, loved ones, and pets at any time can be invaluable in curing anxiety. With smart home technology, you can install camera, two-way audio and video speakers, and more that help you monitor your elderly loved ones that are home alone. You can also use smart locks to give you or anyone that is close by instant access in the event of an emergency. If you use any home services, like babysitters, cleaning, or lawn care, you can use smart home monitoring devices to make sure that you home, and your children and pets, are safe. Speaking of pets, you can also get a bunch of different products that help you monitor your furry friends too! There are smart food dispensers that help you monitor their eating, video screens that let you interact with them, and several existing and crowdfunding ideas out there dedicated to helping pet owners monitor and connect with their pets while they are away.


Smart home technology isn’t all about security though – it’s also about having fun! Entertaining with smart home devices is really only limited to your imagination. You can buy single devices that are sure to impress – smart home assistants like Amazon’s Echo – or you can build a hub that controls multiple devices at once. With the tap of a single button, or even with your voice, you can turn on your TV and speakers, and turn off or dim your lights. You can use a smart streaming device that lets you rewind and fast forward to specific scenes in movies with just your voice. You can even set up scenes for different types of parties or gatherings, like dinner parties, dates, and holiday get-togethers. Each scene can set the lights differently and activate a unique lighting setting.

Saving Energy

Besides security and entertaining, I also love using smart technology to save energy. With smart thermostats, water heaters, and water use monitors, you can make sure that you aren’t using more energy than you need to. You can also use smart plugs that allow you to check if you left a device on, and turn it off remotely. The same applies to your lights, too. You can make sure that your lights are off at all times, whether you’re the forgetful one, or it’s your roommate, spouse, or children. The best part of using smart technology to save energy is that it also saves you money.

Which uses for smart home technology have you found to be most useful for your household, wallet, and anxiety relief?

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