This “Smart” Fridge Can Do One Thing: Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Beer


Some smart home devices try to better the world by reducing energy usage and increasing one’s knowledge. Others, simply want to make your life easier, which is just as noble. And then there’s the third sector that does one thing for a very specific niche. One example is the newly launched Bud-e Fridge, created by none other than beer conglomerate, Bud Light. This fridge will make sure you don’t run out of beer on game day.

The premise of the Bud-e Fridge is simple: make sure you have enough beer that is always at the perfect temperature. Now, let’s get down and dirty with the actual technology, which is a little more technical. First, the fridge is Wi-Fi-enabled and works with an app. Through this app, you can receive alerts when you’re running low on beer, and if someone has removed a beer from the fridge. Second, the fridge has five different temperature settings, which range between 41 and 27 degrees. The science behind this is that, at this lowest temperature, the fridge will chill your beer without freezing it. When your beer is at optimal temperature, you’ll receive a notification on your app. The third main feature is probably the most compelling – if you’re in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego, you can replenish your beer stock via home delivery service Saucey, all with the push of a button through your app.

Specs-wise, the Bud-e Fridge can hold up to 78 beers – either 60 12-ounce bottles and 18 cans, or 78 cans. On the outside of the fridge, there is a display where you can either view the number of beers left or the temperature. On game day, once you have set your features to include your favorite team, the fridge will trigger celebrations and victory tunes based on events happening in the game.

Design-wise, it should come as no surprise that the Bud-e was largely designed with the frat boy and man cave-dweller in mind. The fridge is a little bigger than a standard mini-fridge, but still small enough to fit in a dorm room. The exterior is made to look like a vending machine and the countdown timer is fitting for game day.

The fridge sells for $299 and is currently only available in California. If sales go well, the Bud-e Fridge will be available nationwide in 2016. While certainly not the smart fridge the average American family envisions, it is interesting to see major businesses finding ways to jump on the smart home bandwagon and create their own smart appliances to make sure you don’t run out of beer.

Photo by: Mike

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