Things I Wish My Smart Home Could Do

paint roller

Smart home technology has made many advancements over the years, and it is truly incredible to see what it can accomplish now. But, like any good consumer, I want more. I want more control, I want more features, I just want more. Here are a few things that I wish my smart home could do. I don’t mind dreaming these things, cause that’s where great ideas start, right?

  • Smart Paint. No one likes painting, but everyone likes to change the look of their home. The obvious bridge here is smart paint. Why can’t my wall colors change with the push of a button? Life would be so much easier for renters and stagers.
  • Smart Bartender. What if there was a Keurig-style device – but it made alcoholic drinks instead of coffee – and you could use your smartphone to have it make your drink while you are on your way home from work. Or while you watch football so that you can just go grab it on the next commercial break. Or when you are just too lazy to make it yourself. It would be a brave new world. I don’t quite know how this would work, but it’s not my job to figure that out.
  • Smart Green Thumb. Since I can’t seem to remember to water my indoor plants, it’d be great if my house had some sort of smart green thumb hooked up to it. I don’t mean that I want a reminder to water my plants; I mean that I want some device to water them for me.
  • Smart Recipes. I don’t want to look up recipes and then go buy the ingredients. Instead, I want my fridge to take stock of what I already have in my fridge, and tell me what I can make with those things.
  • Smart Nose. I’ve forgotten to take the garbage out once or twice. On a particularly hot day. Where I’m going to be gone for 10 or 12 hours. It’s not nice to come home to a rank smell on those days. I’d love it if my house had a smart nose that could detect and diffuse bad smells. This would also help make some embarrassing bathroom experiences a little less embarrassing. I’m not thinking about those sprayers that can automatically spray every hour either, I’m dreaming bigger.
  • Smart(er) TV. OK so smart TVs already exist, but can they get smarter? I think they can. What if my TV could email me about important things:

Subject: Game of Thrones premiere
Message: Hey, Mark. You’ve turned me on a lot lately, and I just want to return the favor with a teaser for the Game of Thrones season premiere which I’ve inserted below. I noticed that you don’t have the premiere set to record – would you like me to record this for you?

Or, you know, something like this but better.

What about you? What smart home technology are you dreaming about?

Photo by: StephenMitchell