The Time is Meow: Get Smarter About Pet Care

get smarter about pet care

Smart houses don’t start and end with digital assistants or fridges with cameras. There are also mart products out there that have been designed for pet owners. You can watch your pets, talk to your pets, toss them treats, and even play with them – all while you are miles and miles away from them.

Not all smart pet devices are designed to work in you complete absence, though. The Scollar is a smart collar that claims to be able to handle “tracking, training, pet doors, feeders, invisible fences, barking, and even reminders.” Scollar uses an open modular design in a single device, so that it can be uniquely tailored to your pet needs.

This smart pet collar helps pet owners keep track of everything through the use of a mobile device, which can be used on iOS and Droid systems. The app will help guide you through the setup of the smart collar, and there are great functions inside the app that will help you track your pet if they are lost, stay on top of their medication schedules, and even tutorials to help you with training.

Here are the main features of the Scollar:

  •       Lost Pets: Losing a pet is the worst feeling. Whether they slipped out a door or gate that was accidentally left open, or they pulled away during your walk – you just want to get your pet back as soon as you can. The Scollar includes pet tracking tech (at no additional cost) that will help you location your cherished family member, including “turbocharged” GPS that has “highly tuned, correctly positioned antennas and the best chip & communications technology.”
  •       Body Temperature: Unlike humans, who can whine and complain when they get too hot or too cold, pets can’t communicate their body temperature. The Scollar uses a sensor that is able to track ambient temperature of your pets, so that you can receive an alert that your pet is as risk if they get too hot or too cold.
  •       Create Barriers: You can use the perimeter barriers to, well, basically to annoy your pet into submission. Basically, you can set up perimeter barriers to keep your pets off of or away from furniture or certain areas of the home. You can also use it to keep them from running off. The smart collar will use buzzes, vibrations, and blinking lights to keep your pets in line.
  •       Reminders: If your pet needs daily, weekly, or monthly medications or treatments, or needs to be given food at a certain time, you can use the reminders to get notifications not only on your phone app, but also on the collar itself.
  •       Pet Doors: Pet doors can be great if you have long days, and/or if your pet has a weak bladder. But they can also be dangerous and stressful. The Scollar hopes to reduce some of that anxiety by working with pet doors, through a special radio frequency chip, that helps control access.

The Scollar is available for pre-order as a Mini, for cats and toy dogs, and as a Trek, for medium and large dogs.