The Smartest and Prettiest Monitor, New From BenQ

BenQ Monitors

Whether you’re gaming or streaming video, there’s nothing worse than poor video quality or lagging Internet. Both completely take you out of the experience and ruin the moment. While it’s up to you to upgrade your Internet, BenQ wants to help out with your video quality with its newest computer monitor, the EW2750ZL.

New from BenQ is the EW2750ZL, designed to make your viewing experience better in multiple ways. For one, it has almost no bezel. With increased pixel density and enhanced resolution capabilities, you get a more true-to-life video experience. Along with a smart focus feature, you can create a focal point in the display, which means you can eliminate distractions if you can’t make a video full screen. There’s even a cinema mode, which boosts the color quality. And with its edge-to-edge design, this monitor was built for a borderless multimedia experience.

One of the key highlights is the low-blue-light feature, which they call RevolutionEyes. Display flickering is now lower across all brightnesses, meaning you experience less eye strain and fatigue when using your computer for long periods of time. By adjusting presets, you can reduce blue light emission by up to 70%. The monitor is so eye-friendly it is the first monitor series to receive a certification for it from TÜV Rheinland, a provider of safety services. This means you can experience incredible image performance without feeling the visual side effects after a few hours.

These aren’t the only unique features on the BenQ monitor. It can also connect via HDMI and includes mobile high-definition link inputs, so you can stream from your smartphone and tablet. This is a huge bonus, as so many monitors seem to forget how much users want the capability to connect it with more than just their computer. With this feature alone, the monitor is a great option either for the home or the office.

Not only do you get a better viewing experience, but it’s also a more comfortable one, especially when you’re clocking a good eight hours behind the screen. With the BenQ monitor, you get a completely immersive multimedia experience, whether you’re playing games on your computer, streaming from your phone, or watching a DVD. The BenQ monitor has a 27” viewing area with 1920×1080 resolution. Incredibly enough, it retails for just $240, which is inexpensive when you consider that you can easily use this monitor in place of a television if you aren’t a fan of cable.

Monitors have been lagging in the smart home department, and most of them don’t offer enough perks to persuade someone to upgrade. However, the BenQ has me seriously reconsidering my current monitor.

Photo by: Laineema