The Newest Innovations in Smart Home Security Systems

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Did you know that a burglary is committed every 10 seconds in the United States? With around 13 million homes being burglarized each year, it’s no wonder that companies have been making incredible leaps in home security innovation. While a lot of homes today have security systems, the latest in home automation enables you to do so much more than just arm your home and alert a security company if the alarm is triggered. The newest innovations in smart home security systems feature a number of sophisticated services and features.

Here are just three of the top home automation trends for smart home security:

Smart Home Integration

The best thing about the newest home security systems is that they can be integrated with other home automation products. This means it’s easier for you to control and monitor your home from any location. You could turn on or off the home alarm system remotely, check on the status, and even set up alerts. These alerts can notify you via email if your system has been enabled, if someone has rang the doorbell, and more. You can also monitor for fire, carbon monoxide, and other disasters beyond a home invasion. Companies like ADT and others offer simple ways to integrate your security system with other home automation tools to make your home run as smart as you want it.

Broadband Video Monitoring

Video is the best possible way to monitor your home. With broadband video monitoring, you can set up your security system to call or text you a video whenever there is a sign of trouble, like if the system was disarmed. You could quickly check and see via video if it was a false alarm or if there is actual danger and, if so, what exactly is happening. If an incident did happen, you would have footage of the criminal and events that took place.

Interactive Automation

Like smart home integration, interactive automation goes one step further and not only monitors your home’s security, but also your energy usage. You can schedule lights to turn on or off at certain times of day, monitor your A/C or heater usage, and double check to see if you left any appliances on when you left in a rush that morning to get to work on time.

And this is, of course, just the start of smart home security innovation. I recommend you take a look into the systems available and see what level of security innovation is right for you, based on your needs and budget.