The New Generation of Doorbells: Ring Video Doorbell

ring video doorbell

Now, ring, ring no longer means that you have a phone call; it means that you have someone at your door, and I’m totally into it.

Never wonder who is at the door again with Ring, a video doorbell that will feed live porch footage to your computer, or more conveniently, to the app on your phone or tablet. Now, you can be home even when you aren’t.

I’m into this device not only because it is really cool, but because it solves a legitimate issue that homeowners have. In fact, it solves several legitimate issues that homeowners have:

  • Eliminates that awkward face-to-face interaction with solicitors
  • Verifies that the person at the door is who they say they are
  • Allows you to capture property disturbances on video so you can prove which neighbor is leaving garbage in your yard or letting their dog leave waste on your property
  • Gives the illusion that you are home and in control, no matter where you are
  • Offers a way for you to verify packages can be left so you avoid a pesky trip to the post office
  • Gives you a chance to clean up in case a cute delivery guy is at the door (OK, maybe this isn’t a problem for every homeowner…but it is for me)
  • Verifies if Girl Scouts are at the door with cookies so that you can answer promptly
  • This is a stretch for me, but Ring also claims to help deter would-be burglars since it claims they often come during the day and ring the doorbell before breaking in

While other older video monitoring devices might require you to get to a monitor to see the video feed, Ring will send that feed directly to any device that you connect with the system. You can check the door without ever getting up.

Here are some of Ring’s main features:

  • Motion detection triggers the camera if motion happens in active zones – even without the doorbell being activated.
  • The device has a wide-angle HD camera
  • Speaker and microphone allows two-way audio functionality
  • Records video on the cloud for anytime playback

This smart product is positioned as something that anyone can easily set up and use:

  • Mount the Ring holder, with a built-in level, then attach the Ring unit
  • Secure the Ring unit with an extra screw to prevent theft
  • Use the rechargeable battery if you don’t have a doorbell set up already
  • Connect to your existing doorbell if already installed

The Ring costs $199, and comes in a few colors so you can attempt to match your new doorbell to your home’s exterior. You can also add the Chime as a companion device to your Ring. The Chime operates by plug, and also connects to your Wi-Fi. Its purpose is to notify by sound if the doorbell rings, so that you never miss a visitor, even if you aren’t near your connected device. It can be put on do not disturb mode, and the volume can be adjusted.

Ring can also connect with your other smart home security devices through its Rng+ program.. My next article will talk about that a little more. In the meantime, head to the Ring website to check out this fun smart home device.

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