The Home Automation System That You’ve Never Heard Of

living room

It’s easy. It’s elegant. It’s simple. It’s the home automation system that you’ve never heard of. Why?

There is one obvious answer to that: it’s price point makes it out of reach to the Average Joes.

The luxury system, Savant, is basically for those that live in a world that will never exist for most of us. It’s for people that need the system for their mansions – yes, multiple large homes – and their yachts, and their private jets. You can see the picture I’m painting here.

Recently, however, Savant entered the everyday man market. At first, it’s easy to write this system off since it thinks it has to come on down to the level of regular folks, but before you do that, you should take a look at what this system offers:

  • The hub is a simple, interactive remote. The remote helps you control your entertainment, and supports pretty much any television or streaming device that you would be using.
  • You can control lights. Clapping not required. Set up your lighting with Savant and you can turn your lights on and off, or set them to dim. You can also schedule your lights to brighten in the morning, or to turn off at night.
  • The system responds to voice controls. This is pretty much a must in today’s world of home automation, and a system just can’t be considered cutting edge without voice controls.
  • You can use the mobile app instead of the remote. The free app is available for both iOS and Android users, and allows you control your rooms through an interface. You can set favorites that allow you to take shortcuts to the features that you access the most, and it also works on wearable technology, like the Apple Watch. You can set personalized profiles for household members and guests.

Sounds pretty basic, pretty standard. What I really like about the Savant system, though, is that you can set what they call a “Scene” that controls multiple devices at once. If you want to set the lights and turn on a playlist for a romantic dinner, you can set the Scene ahead of time and simply activate it on command. This is also useful for having a movie night – just create a Scene and with one tap you can turn the lights off and your television and streaming device on. Are you an avid reader? Set a reading Scene and instantly get the mood right so that you can immerse yourself in the world your book creates.

Like the name suggests, Savant plans to be the top of the top in home automation. Savant has spent years not only installing home automation for the filthy rich, but also designing unique automation experiences based on their specific needs. While it is offering a product that is meant to be more affordable (though the $500 price tag is still hefty), it still wants to stand out for its elegance. This is a product that I’ll definitely be watching.