The Features of Today’s Smart Home Security Systems

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It’s amazing how far home security systems have come over the years. Many of us don’t even remember a time when homes didn’t have any type of security other than a locked door. Some of the earliest models were analog systems, but these relied on a telephone line and had few features. Then, more advanced systems were developed, but many of these still fairly simple with few features. Today, home automation has led to the creation of some truly superior and incredible home security systems that go beyond basic sensors and alarm panels. They are customizable to fit your busy schedule and can meet your unique needs. Take a look at 3 features of today’s smart home security systems.

Remote Access

One of the best things about the newest home security systems is the ability to access and control it from any location, simply by using your smartphone or computer. You can check on the status of the system, change settings, disarm or arm the system, and more. By adjusting your settings, you can receive email or text alerts for certain events to help you always stay informed of the activities going on in your home.

Integrate Lighting

Lights can actually help with your home’s security. Leaving an exterior and interior light on when you aren’t home can deter burglars. Beyond that, it’s nice to come home to a well-lit home when it’s after dark. With new home security systems, you can integrate lighting in your home with your system so you can turn them on or off remotely.

Connect with Video

Certain systems are connected with video. You can see what’s going on in your house at any time and even watch stored video clips of past events. You can watch the video footage from your smartphone or a personal computer.

The best thing the features of today’s smart home security systems is that you can easily stay connected to your home at any time and from anywhere. There’s a great sense of comfort and relief in knowing that your home is being safely monitored and watched while you are away. And, when you are home, you can feel safe and comfortable knowing that you have an advanced home security system. And with such a high demand for more advances in security, I expect we’ll see ever evolving home security systems in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest in smart home security. I can’t wait to see what is created next!

Photo by: Kalle Gustafsson

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