The Customizable Smartwatch That is Anything But One Size Fits All

blocks watch

There are more than a dozen smartwatches already on the market that, generally speaking, all do the same thing with different skill levels. There’s the Apple Watch, which is considered the king of smartwatches, and there is also the Pebble, the Samsung Gear, and the Motorola Moto 360. While they all try to bring something unique to the table, whether it’s a stylish interface or catering to fitness buffs, they all seem so alike. But a new customizable smartwatch is on its way to hit the market.

The creators behind BLOCKS agree, which is why they created a modular smartwatch that you can customize to your specific needs and preferences. The Kickstarter-backed project (which raised more than $1.6 million from 5,000 backers in just a little over a month) is based on the idea that your smartwatch should reflect your individuality. As the world’s first modular smartwatch, you can choose what features are most important to you and fit them into your smartwatch.

It starts with the watch face, which the brand calls the Core. The Core is a fully functioning smartwatch on its own. If you just want an essential smartwatch, just stick with the Core and the strap. But where BLOCKS gets clever is with its Modules, which are added to the strap to enhance the functionality of the watch. Depending on how large your wrist is, you could connect several Modules together to create a super smartwatch. While BLOCKS will continue to develop new Modules, they have already created what they say are the highest demanded ones:

  • Extra Battery: Keep your BLOCKS watch running for longer. Each extra battery Module extends your smartwatches life by around 20%. If battery life is important for you, you can add multiple extra battery Modules.
  • Heart Rate: With this Module, you get an accurate reading of your heart rate so you can better understand your performance during exercise. This Module features one of the best heart rate sensors on the market.
  • GPS: While other smartwatches have to use your phone to get location data, this Module makes it possible for you to track your location and activities without your phone.
  • NFC Contactless: This Module makes it possible for you to make contactless communications and data transfer. BLOCKS is working with partners in the US and UK to implement contactless payments so you can pay for something with the flick of your wrist.
  • Adventure: For the outdoorsy person or fitness guru, this Module provides you live readings of temperature, pressure, and altitude estimates. This is ideal to use when hiking or partaking in any other activity or sport outdoors.

Beyond these five Modules, BLOCKS is currently developing 10 other options, including SIM Card, Fingerprint, LED, Programmable Button, Air Quality, Camera, Flash Memory, Stress Levels, Body Temperature, and Expansion.

With BLOCKS, you can build a smartwatch that suits your lifestyle. Just choose the Modules you want and connect them together in a few seconds and you’ve got the perfect smartwatch, just for you. Learn more about BLOCKS and the Modules by visiting their Kickstarter page, or pre-order on their website.

Photo by: Blocks