The 4 Best Wearable Tech Jewelry on the Market

bellabeat leaf

As much as I love big home automation devices that can control your entire home, sometimes the best technology comes in small packages. Wearable technology is constantly improving and I think it will continue to be trendy for years to come. As someone who loves both technology and jewelry, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I have a particularly fondness for smart jewelry. The latest developments in wearable tech jewelry have altered how we use technology. Technology isn’t just something we access when we need it. It’s something that is completely integrated into our lives, making our day-to-day easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the top wearable tech jewelry available:

Bellabeat LEAF

While wearable tech jewelry isn’t just for men, this one, well, sort of is. The LEAF monitors stress levels, sleep cycles, steps taken, and even menstrual cycles. What’s particularly incredible about this item is that it only needs to be charged every six months, which is unheard of in the world of technology. I love just how much this device can do, all in one small device. Forget your fitness tracker, sleep app, and time-of-month calendar reminder. Instead, you can do all of this with one piece of smart jewelry.


If you only try one piece of wearable tech, it should be Ringly. This smart ring is similar to a smart watch. It vibrates when you get a phone notification, such as a call, text, email, calendar reminder, or even when your Uber arrives. You can even customize when and how you’re notified, and choose from four vibration patterns and five colors, depending on the type of notification. Forget checking your phone every few minutes. Instead, you can let your ring do all the work. And, of course, we have to talk about the design. You have multiple stone options, all of which are set with 18k gold.


While bracelets are probably the most common wearable tech, earrings are likely the most difficult to find. However, I think earrings are the ideal form, as they are discreet. After all, the smartest technology is tech we hardly realize we’re using. While Ear-o-Smart is still in production phase, it is designed to track your daily fitness activity, from calories burned to your heart rate.

Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch

Yes, I know this isn’t jewelry, but it’s an accessory, which is jewelry adjacent. I couldn’t resist including the Stelle Audio clutch because it’s one of the most innovative wearable tech pieces I’ve seen. Is it the most practical piece? Probably not. But for someone in college or who loves the party lifestyle, it’s a must. This purse allows you to store the essentials, like your ID and cash, while also including the highest level of mini-speaker technology on the market, a cable-free Bluetooth connection, a USB, and a speakerphone. That’s right; you can connect your smartphone to it and charge, use for a louder speakerphone, and play music.

And those are my picks of the 4 best wearable tech jewelry. I will say, as a side note, I purposely didn’t include the Tory Burch Fitbit because it’s more of a shell for wearable tech rather than actual wearable tech, and we are all intimately familiar with the ever-popular Fitbit.

Photo by: Megan Myers

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