Tasks That I Wish I Could Delegate to Home Automation


Smart technology has helped many of us add convenience and entertainment to our lives. I don’t mean to be a complainer, but there are still several home tasks that I have to do that I wish I could delegate to home automation instead. Smart technology is advancing and taking over at a rapid pace, so I’m hoping that one day – sooner rather than later – some of the tasks that I hate the most will be done by home assistance and forgotten by me forever.

Vacuuming Furniture

Sure, there are tons of options for automated vacuums that zoom around the house, avoid walls and obstacles, and return to the charger. There are even other floor cleaning devices that can sweep and mop for you. These devices are great and all, but what about my furniture? I happen to be one that eats in my living room – and encourages my family and friends to do the same. That means there are crumbs everywhere. I still have to bust out my old school vacuum, lift all my cushions, and manually clean up after myself. Tragic.

Pantry Camera

Refrigerators have gotten in on the smart home game with technology that lets you do all sorts of cool things, including making grocery lists, seeing the weather, managing your calendar, and of course, using a camera to see what’s inside. The camera can be accessed when you are on the go, from anywhere, including while you are shopping. That way, you know whether you need to by milk, eggs, or beer. What I don’t have is a camera in my pantry. Sure, I could probably rig one up and make it work, even in the dark, but I want one that is built to be a smart pantry camera.

Creating Wall Collages

I hate hanging things on walls. I also hate having to use a lot of math and tools to create collages where everything lines up. I somehow always end up with lots of holes in my wall, lots of dust everywhere, and a ton of crooked artwork. I would pay top dollar for a smart home device that can be programmed to my wall size and collage specifications, and can just be attached to the wall to plug in all the right nails in all the right places, symmetrically. Is that too much to ask?

Change Lightbulbs

I mean, it’s 2017. There is no way that I thought I’d still be changing my own lightbulbs in 2017. What’s worse is that I feel like we’re closer to having flying cars then we are to having self-changing light bulbs. I do not feel good about this. I am aware that this is the easiest task, and that there are a lot worse home chores out there, but for some reason changing lightbulbs is the worst part of my day. I don’t think I’m going to win this fight, though, so I’ll keep tricking my kids into thinking it’s the coolest job ever so they keep doing it.