Smart Things Come in Small Packages: Introducing the Belkin Wemo Mini


There isn’t just one way to create a smart home. You can have a home built from scratch and integrate all the latest technology. You can do an after-market set up with a hub and all the greatest gadgets. You can purchase devices and appliance that are already smart.

Or, you can buy dumb devices and make them smart.

That’s where the Wemo line of smart plugs comes in. These products are easy to use and offer convenience with just a WiFi network and a phone or tablet – or a smart home assistant. You don’t need a hub to use a Wemo smart plug, and you don’t need to pay for any subscriptions.

You just put the smart plug into any regular outlet, then plug the device you want to control into the unit. You’ll go through a quick set up process to connect the device to your Internet, and to name the product that you want to control. Then you’re done. You can even connect all the devices you have plugged into a Wemo switch so that you can create IFTTT scenes. Once set up, you can go into the app to control your devices from anywhere, or you can use your smart home assistant to activate your devices with your voice. The plugs allow you to schedule devices to turn on and off, and offer a layer of security for your home since they can randomize your lights when you aren’t home – scaring off would-be home invaders.

The Wemo smart plug line has been out for a while and has released a few generations of the product. The latest and greatest is the Wemo Mini. This unit sells for about $35, which is a savings of around $15 over the previous generation full size.

The previous plugs work great, but they are pretty bulk. What you get with the mini is just what the name suggests – a smaller version of a great product. The new product has a sleeker design and its more compact. The Mini will fit into any electrical outlet – top or bottom – and won’t obstruct the other outlet on the unit. That means that you can plug in other devices, or even other Wemo switches to create more smart products.

Thought the device has clearly been remodeled for the better, it is still a far cry from the futuristic devices we’ve seen on TV and in movies. Overall, the Wemo Mini Smart Plug still looks like…well, a plug. And even with its sleek new design, it is still an addition to an existing outlet, so it stands out and juts out from the wall.

Overall, the Mini is a nice update to the Wemo product line. If you’re looking to make a couple of lights and a device or two smart, this is a great option. While fairly cheap, it can get expensive to outfit your entire home since you can only plug one device into each switch.

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