Smart Home Technology Uses for Vacation Properties

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If you have vacation property that you rent out – or just rental property in general – than I hope that you’ve been an advocate of smart home technology for some time now since it is like the holy grail for anyone that serves as a landlord.

Where you used to have to worry, there is now peace of mind. There are so many devices that are available now – it’s easy to set things up for renters, and to monitor your property when it is vacant or rented.

Here are some of the most convenient ways to use smart home technology for your vacation properties:

Smart Locks

Smart locks are probably the most useful tech to use at a property that isn’t your main home. With smart locks, you can check the status of your locks at any time, and you can remotely grant or deny access to visitors. For people that you want to have frequent approved access to your property, you can create a digital key for them. So, if you have a realtor or a cleaning service that needs access, you don’t have to worry about creating a spare key. This is also useful for when you have renters. You can digitally control their access, and remove it once the rental period is over.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are great for properties that aren’t your main residence because they can help you pretend that you are home. If someone is casing the property and rings the doorbell, you’ll be able to respond as though you are home. If you are going to use this when there are guests, you need to keep in mind that the video feed is going to come to you. You’ll want to make sure your guests know whether or not you plan on using this feature.

Interior Surveillance Cameras

I recommend that you only use interior surveillance cameras in areas that you and your guests have agreed are to be off limits. This way, you are not spying on them or invading your property, but you are able to monitor areas that you don’t want guests to invade.

Exterior Surveillance Cameras

Exterior surveillance cameras are great for overall monitoring of your property at all times. If you have landscaping services, you can make sure they are working when they should be. If you have guests, you can make sure they are taking care of the property, and that they aren’t having any parties.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats will allow you to manage the temperature of your property at all times, whether or not there is a guest. You can also use the app to receive notifications any time the temperature is adjusted, and to look up the temperatures over time periods.

Smart Switches

Smart switches can be set up to control anything, from your lights to your coffee machine to your television. With smart switches, you can be confident that you are saving energy and keeping your house safe since you can access the controls remotely.

Be sure to update your rental terms and agreement to reflect any use of smart home technology on the rental property. You should clearly spell out what is being used, how it is being used, and it is being used.

Do you use smart home technology for a rental property? Tell me how you use it in the comments.

Photo by: Jeremy Levine


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