How Smart Home Technology is Transforming Home Services


These days, smart home technology is transforming not just how we view the world, but how we live our lives. We are taking “always connected” to a whole new level. We’re not only connected ourselves, but we’re connect to other people; 24/7. We can watch people without their knowledge, pretend – convincingly – that we’re home, check on our elderly loved ones and kids, and remotely control access to our homes. Here are a few home service industries that are experiencing a transformation thanks to smart houses and smart home technology:

Dog Walkers

People that decided to use dog walkers used to have to either hide a spare key or make a key for their dog walkers. Nowadays, dog owners can use smart locks that give them remote access and all new levels of control. For starters – no one ever needs to make or use a spare key again. Instead, dog walkers can be given digital passes and access the home with just their smartphone. Dog walkers can now be tracked in ways they couldn’t before, which is changing the business. Those enlisting their services can use their smart locks to check exactly when they arrived, left, and returned. If a dog walker is getting paid for an hour-long walk twice a day, the dog’s owner can now verify if that is being done based on the dog walker’s digital entries and exits.


Nanny cameras are nothing new. In fact, they have been around for years I the form of hidden and exposed cameras. What is changing, however, is how parents can track everything that happens in their home. They can use smart thermometers to check to see if the nanny is turning the heat up or down. They can use smart video doorbells to see if the nanny is having guests. Smart locks can track when the nanny is coming and going – with the kid(s).  


While it used to be kind of annoying to have professional painters coming – you need to take the day off work to be available but also have to stay out of the way in your own home – now it isn’t so bad. You can head to work and just use your smart home technology to verify their arrival, let them in, and track their progress.


The same things can apply to anyone you have coming in your home to clean. Really, at any time, you can use a video doorbell confirm who has arrived, unlock the door, watch them on your security camera, then send them off with a two-way camera, and lock the door behind them.

I recommend that you let any service providers that you are using know that you are using smart home technology in your home, and that it means you can track their moves. At the very least, you should consult with your lawyer to see if you need to disclose that information. It is your property, so you have rights, but you may want to include an agreement about it in your contracts.