Smart Home Tech That Will Fit in Your Stocking


Happy holidays! If you are looking to gift (or get!) smart home tech this season, but not willing to commit to a big, all-in home automation system, don’t worry. There are still some smaller, starter smart home products that you can purchase as stocking stuffers, or put on your list for Santa. Here are just a few great products that would make anyone happy:

  • Amazon Echo Dot: The original Echo’s little sister is a small disc that comes in small packaging perfect for a stocking. This product is a perfect introduction to smart home technology, and it’s likely to leave anyone wanting more.
  • Google Home: If an Amazon product isn’t right for your holiday season, you can purchase the Google Home as an alternative. The Amazon and Google smart home assistant products offer many of the same features, so it’s really a personal choice which to use.
  • Video Doorbells: Video doorbells are not only fun; they are also practical. If you know someone that is looking to make their house more secure, the remote access, Cloud storage, two-way speakers, and night vision camera on most available video doorbells should do the trick.
  • Sense: For anyone that is looking for ways to improve their sleep, check out Sense. It’s a system that will track your sleep and offer suggestions on how to change your room’s settings and your schedule to sleep better.
  • Smart Locks: Just like video doorbells, smart locks offer practicality, convenience, and security. For large households and for single people, smart locks offer the peace of mind of remote control and access tracking.
  • Dash Buttons: More products from Amazon. If there is a product that is used a lot by you or someone on your list, consider getting them an Amazon Dash Button. These handy little devices connect to your Amazon account and allow you to push the button to reorder. Don’t worry, there are safeguards in place so you don’t accidentally end up with six different orders of toilet paper.
  • Smart Switches: Smart switches are another product great for beginners. They are easy to setup and use, and quite a lot of fun – especially if you are into pranking people.
  • Smart Light Bulbs: If your needs are more specific, you can just get smart lightbulbs instead. Though I do recommend that you be extra careful if you are going to put these in a stocking since they are fragile.
  • Wearable Tech: A smartwatch could be a double whammy gift, since many of them now include the ability to control smart home technology.
  • Streaming devices: You can still make any TV smart, even without going and buying an entire new device. Look into getting Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Google Chrome as a stocking-sized alternative.
  • Smart Toothbrush: A great stocking stuffing for kids and adults, a smart toothbrush lets you make a historical lame gift really cool – and as a bonus it promotes health.