Smart Home Tech Has Earned Its Spot On Our Christmas Lists

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The holiday season is jolly, but it’s also full of lists: to-do lists, shopping lists, travel lists, and, of course, wish lists. You might be making your own list to share, or gathering ideas to shop for others; either way, smart home tech has earned its spot on this year’s holiday wish lists. Though mainstream smart home tech has been in homes for less than a decade, it has already made a big impact in the everyday lives of many people.

Here are 8 reasons why smart home tech has earned its spot on Christmas lists:

  1. It’s More Than a Trend. Sure, getting or gifting smart home tech will make you look super cool. Beyond that, though, it really has showed itself to be more than a trend. The market is growing, and big companies are deep in the game.
  2. You Can Get A Lot for Your Money. Basic smart home technology products are readily available, easy to purchase, and often a big ticket item during holiday and Black Friday sales. You will likely even find discounted bundles during the holiday shopping season.
  3. It’s Entertaining. There are tons of practical uses for smart home technology, but it’s also just good, plain fun. There are games, playlists, jokes – all waiting for you to explore.
  4. It Won’t Be Forgotten in the New Year. So many holiday gifts are much sought-after but soon-forgotten. OK maybe not cell phones, but other things, for sure. Smart tech is meant to integrate into our lives, and many times the software can be updated with the latest features for years and years.
  5. It Makes Life Easier. For the most part, smart home tech makes life a little more convenient. Of course, those that struggle with technology set up would probably disagree, but there is definitely a lot to love about the everyday use of the tech.
  6. It Can Ease Our Minds. If you start using automated home products, you can easily – remotely – do things like make sure your doors are locked, live stream a video of your home, turn on and off the heat and air conditioning, and so much more.
  7. It’s the Holiday Gift That Keeps Giving. With just a minimal investment, smart home products can actually turn around and save you money! With smart thermostats, you can monitor your usage and reduce to save money. You can also remotely go through your house and, using an app, turn off all the lights that everyone else left on.
  8. There Are Products for Everyone. There are now flagship smart home products available from Amazon, Google, and Apple, so whether you’re a Mac or PC type, there is something for you. There have also been recently advancements in how products can work together, fueled by these big companies acquiring or partnering with smaller start-ups that have gained momentum in the market.

Which smart home automation products are on your shopping and wish lists this year?

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