How Smart Home Tech Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions


With each new year comes a new set of resolutions. If you’re tired of watching your resolutions slide further and further away as the year goes on, consider get a smart partner – smart home technology that is. If this is the year that you’re finally, totally, 100% serious about your common resolution, here are some ways that smart home tech can help keep you on track for longer than the first three months of the year.

Resolution: Be More Organized
Smart Home Tech Partner: Smart Locks, Smart Home Assistant
Part of being organized is having less things to try to remember yourself. If you start to rely on your smart home tech, you will be less frazzled and you’ll have built-in reminders. A smart home assistant can sync with your calendar so you can always check to see what you have going on. You can also keep digital shopping and to-do lists that you can update with voice commands, so you’ll never forget to add to it because you are busy or distracted. Smart locks are also great for organization, because they can mean that you have less stuff to carry around.

Resolution: Get Healthy
Smart Home Tech Partner: Smart Food Scale, Body Scale, and Silverware
Fitness and health are among the most common resolutions for the new year, and they are also some of the hardest to keep. Smart tech, however, can make it easier – or at least pressure you into submission. A smart food scale can help you measure you portions, a smart body scale can measure and track more than just weight, and smart silverware can track how fast you’re eating, how big your bites are, and how long you are going between meals. All of this sounds invasive and, yes, a little creepy – but it is also effective.

Resolution: Sleep More
Smart Home Tech Partner: Sleep Trackers, Vibrating Alarms
Getting a sleep tracker will help you figure out why you are feeling sluggish. Maybe you’re not getting enough deep sleep, or you aren’t getting enough hours of sleep. Or you’re getting woken up in the middle of a deep sleep. Whatever it is, a sleep tracker will help you figure it out. You can play around with the time you go to bed and wake up, and mess with the lighting and temperature in room to see when you achieve the best sleep. Also, everyone should stop using annoying beeping or otherwise loud alarms and switch to one that vibrates – it is less jarring and offers a more peaceful awakening.

Resolution: Quit Smoking
Smart Home Tech Partner: Smart Home Assistant
OK this is a cheap attempt at helping – but my best shot is to say that a smart home assistant can help cure boredom, which is believed to be one of the biggest hurdles someone must go through when they are quitting.

How are you using smart home technology this year to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

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