Smart Home Products for New Parents

parent and child

We’ve moved way beyond the days of teddy bear nanny cameras and standalone baby monitor displays. These days, new parents can take advantage of technology to help them monitor the health, safety, and comfort of their children. Here is an overview of some of the smart products that are available for parents with babies.

Keeping Track of Their Health

Keeping track of your child’s health is an important part of raising them. When I was a kid, there were thermometers that you put in your mouth or your ear, then had to wait several seconds to get a reading. Because the thermometers were uncomfortable and kids like to fidget, you couldn’t always bank on having read it correctly. These days, there are smart thermometers for the ear that take about a second to get a reading, then send the reading to your account in the product’s app. There are also smart pacifiers that work as health monitors to help you track your child’s temperature and the impact of their medication over time. This is great information to have on hand for your child’s doctor.

You can also get a wearable device for your child that will monitor their heart rates and their oxygen levels. This is great for anxious parents, since it can be worn even when the child is in the care of someone else. The measurements can be stored in the app, and you can set it up to get alerts if there are any problems detected.
Monitoring your child’s’ weight is also important, and now it’s even easier to track and report to your pediatrician. Wireless smart scales are available, and they use an app to report and track weights that are within 0.4 ounces accurate. The scales also grow with your child using different attachments, so you can continue to use the same scale even when they become a toddler.

Sleep is important for all humans, and especially important for babies. There are now smart devices available that will monitor and log a newborn’s sleeping habits, including their resting patterns, heart rate, and breathing.

Keeping Them Comfortable and Safe

You don’t have to install a thermostat in your nursery to monitor and adjust the temperature for your baby’s room. Using a smart device that syncs to and speaks to your smart thermostat, you can have the temperate read and adjusted as necessary to keep your child comfortable.
You also want to have control over the lighting in your nursery. With smart night lights, you can set your own preferences that will keep you from running into things in the dark, and that will keep the light low enough that you don’t wake the baby. This is another product that can be used not only when your child is a newborn, but also when they are a toddler.

Baby monitors and cameras are a staple, but with smart home tech that have been upgraded. You can now just use your phone to check in on your baby, without using a separate device. Your security camera can sync with the rest of your smart home security for additional protection, like motion sensoring, and will likely even have night vision for the best nighttime monitoring.

What smart nursery products have you used, or do you want to check out?