Smart Home Products for Foodies


When most people think of smart home technology, they think about the big-ticket items like security cameras, thermostats, washers and dryers, and even refrigerators. These things are great, but they are hardly all that smart home, and smart living, technology has to offer. I’m going to shine a light on some less popular, but just as fun, smart home products that foodies will love.

Smart Silverware

Did you ever even dare to think that connected cutlery might exist? Well, it does and it sounds like it is a little judgmental. You can’t lie to your smart spoon the way you can lie to your food-tracking apps. It will know how many times you took a big mouthful of food, and it will track your intake so that it can warn you when you are overeating (see, judgmental). Your smart silverware can also track how long it took you to eat, and how long between your servings. So eat up – but do it slowly and don’t eat too much.

Smart Plates

Just in case smart silverware isn’t cool enough – there are also smart plates. These plates will analyze what you eat, so that you don’t have to open an app to manually input your meals. It’s definitely an easier way to perform food tracking, if you’re into that.

Smart Scale

Your kitchen can be as connected as you want it to be, even before you start eating. Before you eat with your connected cutlery off your smart plate, get your recipe just right with a connected scale. In sync with an app, a smart scale can not only help you weigh your ingredients, but it can help you find substitutes and prepare calculations for increasing or decreasing the servings you are preparing.

Smart Pans

Once everything is measured just right, toss it into a smart pan for cooking. Once you choose what you’re making, the pan and the app do the rest. You’ll get alerts when your food is ready to be flipped, stirred, or simmered. With smart monitoring, you can cook a perfect flaky salmon every time.

Smart Crock Pots

If you’re more into set it and forget it meals, you can use a smart crock pot for an easy, breezy chef life. The app for the smart slow cooker will allow you to remotely monitor and adjust the temperature and time, so that you can control your food even if you aren’t home.

Smart Thermometers

Be the best cook in town with a smart thermometer. This device has an app that you use on your phone or tablet, and that is where you can track the temperature of your masterpiece. The smart food thermometer also comes with presets that you can use for meat and candy – and all those presets are USDA recommended. Just watch your app alerts so you’ll know when to flip your food or remove it from heat.

Which smart home products do you recommend for food lovers?