Smart Home Products to Buy with Your Holiday Money

nest thermostat

The holidays are coming up, and hopefully that means that you’ll come into at least a little bit of money. Whether it’s a holiday bonus or a card from your grandparents, that extra money should be used to treat yo’self to something smart. Smart, automated home technology will even likely be on sale after the holidays, as all types of brands and businesses discount their products through the new year.

  • Smart Floor Cleaner: Pick up a smart floor cleaner that will sweep, mop, or both and make “relaxing” part of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions. Store your tired old mop and broom in a closet somewhere and let technology keep your floors clean from now on.
    Smart Home Digital Assistant: Pick up your first, second, or third, unit because you really want to be covered all over the house. These things are great, affordable, and offer so many useful tricks. Just check out the Amazon site to see all the skills the Echo can do!
  • Smart Thermostat: These things are the triple threat, they help keep you comfortable, they save you money, and they have a cool factor.
    Video Doorbell: While the practical, intended use of a video doorbell is enough reason to buy it, it is also super fun to use it to annoy and prank the other people in your house.
  • Security Camera: Even if you just want to spy on your pet during the day, an indoor security camera is a worthy investment. Bonus fun: secretly record your next game night or party and review the footage later to download videos or take still pictures from the feed. If you want to get an outdoor camera, you can also use it to spy on the neighborhood, and again, you can secretly record your backyard parties and make a highlights reel.
  • Smart Switches: If you are a responsible person, then smart switches are great because they can help you save money through cutting down on energy costs. If you are a kid at heart, then smart switches are great because you can mess with people by turning lights and other products on and off remotely to prank them.
  • Smart Light Bulbs: Believe it or not, these can be expensive and eat up all that fun holiday money. However, if you want to be able to change the color and intensity of the lighting in your rooms, then these are worth every penny.
  • Smart Streamer: If you are into streaming your entertainment content like most people, then you should consider getting yourself a smart streamer, like Roku, AppleTV, or Amazon Fire. All of these units are able to use voice recognition to search for TV shows and movies, and even to control playback of that content.
  • Smart Fridge: Just kidding! No one will be able to afford this with the holiday money, and if they can then I need to marry into that family immediately.

What smart home technology and products will you be eyeing to purchase with your holiday money?

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