Smart Home Devices Halloween Lovers Can Use to be the Scariest House on the Block


It’s never too early to start thinking about your Halloween decorations. Hell, its actually never too early to start putting your Halloween decorations out (that is, if you even bother putting them away).

When I was a kid, the spooks I got during trick-or-treating were mostly all manual; a guy would jump out of a coffin when we walked by, someone would hide in the bushes and turn on the fog machine as we came up the walkway. For its day, it was effective.

But times have changed. Sure, some of the classics – like masks, jumps scares, and cobwebs – still hold up today, but the spooks have also gotten way more high-tech and the screams of trick-or-treating children have increased. All in good fun.

If you love decorating for Halloween – and scaring the neighborhood children – then it’s time to consider kicking your standards up a notch using smart home technology.  Whether you’re having your own party, a block party, or just setting up for trick-or-treating, here are some of the smart home devices you can use to be the scariest house on the block.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can help you make any compatible device smart. From coffeemakers to lights to TVs. For Halloween, the possibilities are endless. You could stand on the porch with neighborhood children, and use your phone to flicker your lights or have lights from all different rooms in the house turn on and off randomly. You could even schedule your lights to turn on and off all throughout the evening. If you’re having people over, you can use smart plugs to have kitchen appliances randomly turn on and off – preferably the noisiest appliances you have. Let me know how creative you get with your smart plugs!

Smart Speakers

These handy things can help you not only on Halloween, but before Halloween. On Halloween, or during your Halloween party, you can make your Amazon Echo seem to come to life on its own using a Simon Says/Repeat After Me type skill. Using a remote control, you can activate the skill from another room and prompt your speaker to repeat anything you say. To those near the speaker, it will appear as though the speaker woke up on its own. Make it say something super creepy to scare your guests! Of course, smart speakers are also great for blasting spooky music through your place, and can also help you order candy so you’re not stressed about being prepared.

Smart Lights

If you have smart lights you can do all kinds of fun Halloween-y things. Besides flickering and randomly turning on/off, more advanced options include having your lights sync up to the movie that you’re watching, and also setting an entire Halloween scene.

A lot of the smart home tech you use for your Halloween decorations can also be used for your Christmas decorations, so you’re really getting a nice bargain for your dollar. I mean, not to mention that of course most of it can be used in your daily life, also.

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