Smart Dorm Setup I Wish I Had in College


I went to a four-year college away from home, and I lived in a dorm for about half of my college life. Dorms are small, cramped, and there isn’t a lot of space for a lot of stuff. I survived, but I remember how miserable it was sometimes. Now that I’m all grown up and full-on adulting in life, I am able to turn my spacious living area into a fun, high-tech experience with all the latest smart home technology. This high-convenience living has me wondering, though, what would it be like to be in a college dorm today? Sure, the space issue hasn’t changed, but the use you can get out of that space has certainly changed with smart home technology. Here is the smart dorm setup that I wish I had had in college.


Bluetooth speakers let you play any music from any device, as long as they are synced. The often pack a big punch, and they are perfect for dorm parties, or some romantic one-on-one time that needs some Barry Manilow. If you’re more interested in studying then partying, then the speakers can be used to listen to audio books and lectures with great quality.

Remote Blinds

When I was in college, I remember there were weeks when I felt like a vampire. I stayed up late either studying or partying, and I wanted nothing to do with the sunlight. I often had my blinds and windows open at night to get air in the room, and I’d just as often forget to close the blinds before bed. I had a couple of awful mornings stumbling over to the window to close the blinds, and tripping on everything on my way. If I went to college now, I’d install blinds that could be controlled with a remote so that I could just push a button then go back to sleep.

Google Chromecast

Even if you don’t have a TV, you can use Chromecast on any monitor – like your computer’s – to interact with apps and content from your phone. You can show a slideshow of images from last night’s party, or you can play a video of the lecture you recorded.

Smart Outlets and Lights

Smart outlets and smart lights give you remote control of your dorm room devices. If I was in college now, I’d definitely use a smart outlet for my coffee makers, and I’d use smart lights in all my lamps so I could turn them on and off without ever having to get out of my bed.


I had a messy roommate. Or was I the messy one? I guess that depends on who you ask. Either way, a couple of college dudes living in a small space together can be a disaster. I would have invested in a Roomba, or similar device, to run around the room collecting all the crumbs we drop and dirt we track in.

What smart setup do you wish you had in your college dorm?

Photo by: Neil Turner