SkyBell Video Doorbell


Video doorbells are something that I love. While security cameras have definitely been used to monitor your home visitors, video doorbells help connect and streamline the activity of having guests at your door. You don’t have to activate and tap into your security camera if someone is at your door, creating an awkward amount of empty time. Also, you can’t necessarily speak to the person at the door using your security camera.

Video doorbells allow you to easily connect to, and interact with, whoever is at your door. It’s super convenient, and definitely adds a layer of security to your home. Here are a few reasons video doorbells are great for homeowners:

  • Turn away solicitors without having to slam the door in their face
  • Make sure the person at the door is who they say they are, and not some shady weirdo
  • Capture not only what happens on your porch, but also what happens in your neighborhood
  • Deter break-ins through the illusion that you are home
  • Tell that delivery driver that yes, you really do want your package left at the door like you specified when you placed your order

One of the available video doorbells is the SkyBell. It costs about $200, and is available in brushed bronze or aluminum. This doorbell sends a live feed to all connected devices, so you don’t have to go to the door or to the security monitoring area in your home to check who is at the door.

Here are some of the SkyBell video doorbell’s main features:

  • HD video allows you to see your live and recorded video feeds at up to 1080p HD, with an available zoom of up to 5x
  • The SkyBell motion sensor alerts you to activity even if the actual doorbell button isn’t pressed – so that you can always feel secure
  • The live monitoring features lets you interact in real time with anyone that is at the door
    SkyBell records your video feed for free, so users can access and download videos at any time
  • The devices allows for multiple users to receive alerts when there is activity, so that any one person doesn’t have to be connected at all times
  • The 2-way audio means that you can interact with people at the door by having a conversation with them and allows you to leave instructions about leaving packages or coming back later
  • You can review the activity history each day, even if you missed the live action
  • Night vision – in color – is available in HD, so you won’t have to squint to make out visitors that come in the evening
  • You can turn on quiet mode to deactivate the doorbell chime as needed
  • You can take still shots from your video feed using the SkyBell app
  • The doorbell is made to stand up to weather and extreme temperatures, so it’s safe to use outdoors

There are a lot of documents available on the company’s website to help you check compatibility, install, sync, and troubleshoot.

Photo by: Skybell

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