Six Ways to Use Smart Home Assistants During Holiday Dinners

holiday dinner

Holiday dinners can be very satisfying to your taste buds, but scary for your anxiety. If you are hosting or attending dinner at a home that has smart technology, there are a lot of ways that you can use smart home assistants to help you navigate your way to a successful holiday dinner.

Have a Back Up Plan

Burnt holiday food happens. Probably more often than we think, or want to admit. In the unfortunate event that the food has to be scraped and a house full of hungry people start eyeing each other, smart home assistant can help you out. There are several food applications that can be used with the technology, so that you can publicly let everyone know that edible food is on its way.


While you wait for the food (either from the kitchen or from a delivery service), pass the time and keep people distracted by playing one of the many games that smart home speakers offer. You can play question and answer games, guessing games, and even dice games. Smart assistants can tell stories and jokes, and can even recite educational content. Want to decide who picks the movie that you watch after dinner? Create a whole bracket and have a competition using a coin-flipping game.

Keep Up With Your Sports Team

You might be at a place that has a strict rule about no TV or football during dinner. While this sounds ludicrous, I’ve heard of it happening. Luckily, smart home assistants can quickly give you an update on any game score with just a simple inquiry. If allowed by your host, you could even use your smart home assistant to listen to a live radio broadcast of the game.

Video Chat

Video chatting is nothing new, but it is getting easier and easier to have a hands-free call with anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you have family members or friends that couldn’t travel to you for a holiday dinner, you can always plan a video call using your smart home assistant so that you can eat together and enjoy each other’s company. While it may not be your first choice, it is certainly a nice option to have and it can really help you feel connected no matter where you are.

I Told You So

One thing families are sure to do at least once during holiday dinners is disagree. Of course, the Internet has helped solve many arguments, since you can just “Google it.” Asking your smart home assistant for the answers is the updated version of “Google it,” though, and it is a nice way to prove someone wrong (of course I’m assuming that you, reader, will always be right).

Head Out for Post-Dinner Drinks

You may get blocked in by some other family member’s car, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck. Smart home assistants are able to connect to ride apps like Uber and Lyft, so you can easily call for an escape chariot to go out for drinks, hit up a show, or just get away for a bit.