Shopping for Home Automation Deals During the Holidays


It’s no secret that the holidays are all about getting the best deals. If you can get some killer dealers, then you have extra money to either save or spend on more presents. Technology will be a big player this holiday season – from home automation products to virtual reality (VR) products. VR headsets are probably going to be one of this season’s biggest sellers.

With home automation going more mainstream thanks for digital home assistants – like Amazon Echo and Google Home – and the newly released Apple HomeKit, it’s sure to show up on the lists of the young and old alike. Home automation is a gift that can offer security, convenience, and entertainment at a fairly reasonable price (most of the time), so it makes for a great gift.

If you have to shop early to cure your anxiety, then hopefully you have been shopping all year and jumping on deals as they come up. If you’re just starting your journey, there are plenty of places you can go – in person and online – to shop for deals this year.


Any home or general appliance store – and even some home improvement stores – will have home automation products available. The main benefit of shopping in-store is that you can see the products in person, and most times, ask for a live demo. Sure, you can always get the specs of a product online, but in the store you can actually see it and decide if it is your style and if it will fit within your home (or the home of the person you are buying for). The sales team will hopefully be able to answer your questions, talk to you about return policies and warranties, and let you know what other customers are saying about the product. If you’re up for the challenge, you can wait until Black Friday to get a killer deal without any shipping costs.


Online shopping has its own advantages, as well. You can price compare between Amazon, other retailers, and the brand’s own website to get the best deal. You might also have the option to save money if you are willing to purchase a used or refurbished product. Obviously, your best bet is to shop online on Black Friday, or better yet on Cyber Monday, to get the most money-saving deals. The only issue you might have is whether or not you’ll actually get you products in time for the holidays, so be sure to check shipping and delivery estimates, and maybe plan to have a backup ready in case your shipping or delivery is delayed.

My final thought is that it is really a combination of these two shopping channels that will get you the best deals. See the products in the store so that you can decide which you like and ask questions. Then, use the Internet to price compare and make your final decision.