Project Nursery Baby Monitor Review


Parents or infants can really get a lot out of smart home technology, and there are plenty of products that are now specifically targeted for parents and nurseries. Instead of buying smart home products and trying to adapt them to a nursery, you can buy products that have already been adapted to, and that cater to, the specific needs of nurseries.

Project Nursery recently set out to create a stylish and sophisticated baby monitoring system that offered all the functionality that parents want and need. They wanted to make a super system – parents don’t want to have to scroll through multiple menus and submenus – and of course, they wanted it to have a long battery life, even while running additional features like digital clocks, timers, and thermometers for the nursery.

Their final package is a set that includes a camera that can be panned, tilted, and zoomed, along with a full-size and mini-size monitor, and that was rated a top selection in March of 2016 on the “Best Baby Monitors” roundup from On the Bumps. It runs about $300 for the set, and can be purchased from Right Start, Giggleand, Buy Buy Baby, Brixy, Babies ‘R Us, and Amazon.

Here’s an overview of the Project Nursery monitor package that are worth raving about:

  • The interface of the system was designed to be user-friendly, and allow ease of setup so that you can quickly launch your nursery monitoring.
  • The connection is secure and static free with a 2.4 GHz transmission that is encrypted so you can feel safe and secure while checking on in your nursery.
  • The set comes with two portable audio/video display monitors. One is a large 4.3 inch color monitor that is great to use on nightstands and countertops. The second monitor is the world’s smallest – and the first of its size – at just 1.5 inches. This mini monitor is a great option for busy parents that need a super portable option.
  • The battery life on the main, parent unit monitor is up to 16 hours, while the mini monitor can last up to 8 hours. The batteries can be recharged via USB, and there is a sound-activated power saving mode. The battery life is rated “best-in-class” for extended use.
  • The range of the units is up to 800 feet (with clear line of sight)
  • The camera for the nursery allows you use a remote to activate features like panning, tilting, and zooming, so that you can focus on the baby. There is also infrared night vision.
  • There is also room temperature sensing and monitoring, so you can always keep your baby comfortable.
  • There is an available two-way audio on the camera and monitor so that you are able to soothe and calm your baby, or just let them know you are on your way.
  • You can also play lullabies and white noise. The set includes three lullabies for you to choose from.
  • You can record video from the camera, and snap photos from still shots to store on an SD card.