Tuesday, May 26, 2020
censor alexa

Censoring Alexa

Artificial intelligence is barely in the hands of the general public, and it already has a bad rep with parents. In the days of...

Spoil Your Pets Even When You’re Not Home

Gone are the days when pet owners had to feel guilty about being gone for hours at a time. Welcome to the smart future,...
doctor alexa

Paging Doctor Alexa

Smart technology is rampant for the home, but it is also seeping into other industries, including transportation, energy, hospitality, and even healthcare. Who else...

Nest CEO Shake-Up Hints at Robust Future for Google Home

While hearing about an ousted CEO can cause panic for the company’s customers, Nest and Google Home users should actually be looking toward a...
big tech companies

Even Big Tech Companies Want Us to Lay Off the Tech

Technological advances have us moving closer and closer to the future that Wall-E presented to us but if we act now, can we get...

Amazon Grows the Echo and Alexa Family with Fire Cube TV

Amazon continues to pull ahead in the smart home assistant device race, releasing yet another native Alexa-enabled product. This one is focused mainly on...
amazon alexa

Alexa, Don’t You Just Know What I’m Trying to Say?

The Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled family continues to grow with new devices and new partnerships, but is the retail giant focused on the right...
more questions

More Answers to Smart Home Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask

If you get wide-eyed and confused any time someone mentioned the newest smart home technology, you aren’t alone. Even the “basics” of this emerging...

Teaching Kids About Emerging Smart Home AI Speakers

As Amazon, Google and Apple expand their smart home assistant lines and the general public become more accepting of having these devices in their...

Is the Future of the Kitchen Being Tested Commercially?

Smart home devices continue to advance, but they are still not autonomously able to serve us up things like our dinner. Is that all...




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