The Outdoor Nest Security Camera is Coming Soon

nest cam outdoor

Nest has announced that their outdoor camera is coming soon, and is now available for pre-order for $199 each. The device is expected to be on shelves and available for shipping but the Fall.

Nest is a company that aims to create a thoughtful home. They are focused on making home products that do more; that work; that are simple. Already in their product line are indoor cameras, thermostats, and smoke and CO alarms.

With their outdoor camera, Nest is aiming to expand the definition that they use for “home” to include outdoor living spaces like yards, patios, gardens, and porches. Previously, they only offered an indoor security camera, which was not weatherproof or suitable for outdoor conditions.

The new outdoor Nest camera will connect and work with your existing nest products for an all-around smart home experience. Here are a few ways that Nest claims to be doing outdoor security right:

Constant live streaming. Since the camera plugs in, you’ll never run out of batteries. You can check in as much and as often as you’d like without draining the camera.

Two-way audio. You can not only hear what is happening, but you can also use the two-way audio to scare away would-be vandalizers and burglars. I love this feature. Though I never want to have to actually try it out, I would feel pretty empowered if I could yell at strangers that were breaking into my home. More likely, though, is that I’d be telling delivery men to leave my endless Amazon-ordered packages at my door.

Alerts. Nest watches for motion and also uses its microphones to listen for loud sounds that might be a window breaking or a door being kicked in. If it sees or hears something suspicious, it will send you an alert with an image.

Nest Aware. This is an add-on services that costs about $10 a month. With it, you get continuous recording, with up to 30 days saved in the cloud, and smart alerts. Nest claims that it can tell the difference between a person and a swaying tree branch, so you won’t constantly get bothered with irrelevant alerts. Also available is alerts for pre-designated high priority zones, such as the front door.

Easy installation. Nest positions this camera as DIY-friendly; no professional installers or electricians required. The device uses common household outlets, and uses a mounting plate that can be put up on any wall. It also comes with a magnetic base, so it can be attached to metal surfaces like gutters.

The Nest camera for outdoor spaces also has other features that we’d expect to find standard in a new security device, including 130 degree wide-angle views, and 1080p HD, with night vision. You can take screenshots of video, create clips that are customized and shareable with your neighbors and local police, and create timelapses to watch long sections of video in minutes.

Are you on board with the new Nest Outdoor Camera or do you already have a favorite that you aren’t ready to give up?

Photo by: Nest

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