Meet Sense, and Sleep Like a Baby Again


Sense is a product that started as a Kickstarter campaign back in the summer of 2014. The goal for the Kickstarter was a mild $100,000, but the campaign raised about $2.4 million. Sounds like this must be an amazing product, right? Well, I’m going to tell you about its main features so that you can decide for yourself.

The Kickstarter is long over, and the Sense has been released to the public and has even gotten some updates and new features. Right now, it sells for about $150 with the option to add additional accessories starting at $50.

What is Sense?

Sense is a gadget that sits on your nightstand and uses small chips (called Sleep Pills – see that they did there?) that are attached to your pillow to help monitor your sleep. The Sleeping Pill is able to determine when you are sleeping, when you are tossing and turning, when you are in a deep sleep, and when you are awake. Through this monitoring, the device is able to give you tips on its mobile application to help you sleep better by analyzing trends and making recommendations on everything from when to go to bed to what temperature to keep your bedroom. The app will give you a ‘sleep score’ every night so that you can feel extra super judged if you are a bad sleeper.

Sense also has a speaker so it can play ambient noises to help you fall asleep, like white noise. Sense, like many other home products today, can be controlled by your voice with a simple wake word and simple commands, like setting alarms.

Benefits of Using Sense

Sense, a piece of technology itself, takes the position that technology is useful but disruptive and it wants its users to use the device to take back sleep without being intruded upon. Here are the main benefits of using Sense:

Personal Insights – The suggestions made by the device are tailored to you as an individual, and go beyond just your sleeping patterns to also include insights based on your daily routine.

Get Great Sleep – Sense claims that through monitoring your sleep and making suggestions, it can help you not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep.

Wake Up Happy – By now, we’ve all heard about how being woken up by annoying beeping in the middle of a deep sleep cycle is bad for our bodies and minds. Sense takes that into consideration, and wakes you up at the best time so that you feel refreshed instead of terrified.

Using Sense in a Two-Person Bed

If you sleep with a partner – or, let’s be more realistic; if your kid sneaks into your bed every night – you can use multiple Sleep Pills to monitor different people. The individual Sleep Pills will collect data separately so you can finally confirm that your partner’s snoring is the reason you aren’t sleeping.

Do you use a sleep monitoring device? What do you think of their effectiveness?

Photo by: Sense