Meet Furbo: The Smart Dog Camera


Whether you got a puppy for the holidays or you just have some extra holiday cash to spend on your furbaby – the Furbo dog camera is something all pet owners should know about.

The Furbo dog camera is a smart device that lets pet owners connect with their dogs while they are not home. Whether it is so that you can spy on them and catch them chewing on your couch, or so that you can entertain yourself because they ae just so cute – you can look after them no matter where you are.

Like most smart cameras, you simply use the Furbo app to tap into the live feed from your camera. The camera itself costs a cool $250, or less if you can catch it on sale, and it sits on any flat surface. The developers of the camera worked with veterinarians and dog trainers to help design the camera and its features to be both useful and entertaining.

Here’s a rundown of the basics for the camera:

  • The camera functions like any other smart security camera, and it lets you see and talk to your dog.
  • You can capture cute moments that your dog has during the day.
  • The camera has day and night vision.
  • The camera also has a treat-tossing function.
  • The camera is not battery operated – it plugs into the wall – so you don’t have to worry about the batteries going dead in the middle of the day or night.
  • The design keeps dogs from getting to the treats (just place it on a flat surface).
  • The device also includes a light indicator that can attract your dog’s attention (the lights only shoe blue and yellow, which are what dogs are limited to seeing).

The smart dog camera seems like a lot of fun, but it also has some very relevant functionality, whether you are trying to calm or train your dog. Here’s how the more functional side of this smart home device works:

Checking in: OK, so maybe it is just curiosity, but the camera allows you to check in to see what your dogs are up to, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Maybe you need to see if they have enough food so you can ask the dog walker to put more down, or maybe your dog has been sick and you want to make sure they are doing fine. Whatever your reason, you can access a live feed and make sure your furbaby or furbabies are well.

Calm their anxiety: Or your anxiety. Either way, this is useful. If you have a dog that barks a lot and pisses off the neighbors, you don’t have to ever even consider a shock collar. Furbo sends an alert to your device when barking is detected, and from there you can access the app to send your voice through the speaker to calm your pet.

Give them treats! My favorite part of the Furbo is that you can toss treats to your pet. This is useful if you are trying to train them, since you can give a command then reward them. Furbo also makes a clicking sound before tossing the treat, as part of their training. You can even record your own voice so that a message from you is played when you give your dog a treat.

Photo by: Furbo