Making the Case for Smart Home Technology

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Home automation is really cool, but it takes a hit because some of the products that are available are, well, crap. Like smart fridges. I don’t get those. Back to the point, though, people see these crap products and they bucket all home automation into this bucket of ridiculousness. This makes me sad, because I love technology and all the super cool things it can do, and all the ways it makes life a hell of a lot more convenient.

I’ve decided I will be making the case for smart home technology with these four points that illustrate some of the ways that it makes life better.

Safety of Elderly Loved Ones

Yes, that is right. All the naysayers can sit down now. Home tech is amazing for elderly folks that want to remaining living in their homes, on their own. Or even for elderly loved ones that are living at your house. With home technology, automatic timers can be set for their lights and their thermostats. Home security systems can also help everyone ease off their anxiety. If your loved one is forgetful, auto home locks can help keep their home secure. You can even set it up so that you can check their locks remotely.

Care for Pets

When you think of home automation devices, you think of smart lightbulbs and thermostats, but there are also smart devices that help you care for your pets. Of course, there are smart locks that allow you to securely approve entry for your pet walkers, and smart thermostats let you control temperatures in the house in case the weather gets it wrong. Beyond that though, you can connect food and water dishes to apps on your phone. If your pet is on a controlled diet and needs to be fed certain amounts of food at certain times of the day, you might be in a bind if you have a full time job. You can stop worrying, because smart home technology comes to the rescue. If you have a doggy door, you can automate locking and unlocking that as well, to keep your house more secure.

Make it Look Like Someone is Home

If only there had been home automation back in the day, Kevin never would have had to fend off those burglars when he was home alone – he could have easily made it seem like someone was home all the time! With home automation, you can have your lights, television, blender, and coffee pot turn on each day when you are on vacation so that it looks like someone is there. If your house is empty all day, you can trick anyone that might be casing the joint by having your appliances turn on.

Save on Energy Costs

Yes, it does cost a little bit of money to get your home automation set up. In the end though, you can save so much money on energy costs that it will be worth the money you spent. While you can program your regular thermostat, this isn’t always reliable. What if you get held over at work, hit a traffic jam, or just decide on a whim to head to happy hour or dinner after work? You could end up wasting a lot of energy if your thermostat is going to kick on when you aren’t going to be there. Home automation allows for on-the-go adjustments for any situation. Forget to turn the lights off all the time? You can check on them, and turn them off, from anywhere.

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