How To Make Your House More Secure Than Ever With Home Automation

Door Knob

Wherever you live, you want to protect your home and feel safe. As we all know, a break-in or disaster can occur to anyone and, while you can’t prevent certain things from happening, you can reduce the opportunities and better prepare yourself to handle an emergency. Home automation is one amazing way you can make your house more secure.

When we think of home security, we typically only think of an alarm system. However, security measures go much further than that. Over the years, security systems have made great strides and, thanks to home automation, there are a number of ways you can better protect your home and feel safer, whether you’re in your bedroom or hundreds of miles away on vacation.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can make your house more secure than ever with home automation:

Automated Lighting

When it comes to break-ins, burglars are largely looking for homes that are dark without any lights on. With automated lighting, you can schedule interior and/or exterior lights to automatically turn on at a certain time every day, or when you’re out of town. This helps your home seem occupied, even when it isn’t. Some systems can turn on your interior lights when your home alarm system is triggered, which is also likely to deter burglars. If you typically arrive home past dark, you can set up a system so your lights turn on when you enter a certain room. There are so many options for automated lighting.


Ever wish you could check in and see what’s going on at your home? With smart cameras, you can connect them with an app on your smartphone so you can check on any room in your house at any time. This is also great to use if you think you may have left a light on or forgot to turn off a fan. You can check and, if other systems in your home are automated, you can turn on a light or turn off your A/C.

Smart Doorbell

Wouldn’t you like to know who is at your door without having to actually go up to your door? This would be especially nice for those with glass doors or doors with windows that don’t allow someone to use a peephole. With a smart doorbell, a camera is connected to the front door so you can see from your smartphone or another device who is at your door. You don’t even have to be at home to check to see who has visited your front doorstep.

These are just a few of the options on the market for improving your home’s security. Safety is important and we all want to feel secure and relaxed in our homes. With smart security systems, you never have to worry about what’s going on at your house, no matter where you are.

Photo by: DeWitt Clinton