Make Your Coffee Maker Work Smarter with Technology

coffee art

Remember when the smartest thing about your coffee maker was the fact that you could schedule a pot to brew at a certain time? With home automation advancing, you can make your coffee maker work smarter. Your current coffee maker is downright ancient compared to what today’s smart coffee makers can do.

The next generation of smart coffee makers let you remotely brew individual cups of coffee from wherever you are all through a smartphone app. This means you don’t need to schedule manually on your coffee maker each time you want coffee. Instead, you can schedule to brew multiple times a day. Many options even have a built-in grinder, so the coffee maker will grind the beans and pour the beverage all for you. The one caveat is that you still need to have poured enough water and coffee beans to make the coffee. However, one tip is simply to add however much water you think you may need total for the day – say four cups – and then you can brew several cups at different times. The same goes for the coffee beans.

Similar to these types of smart coffee makers are smart kettles, for those who enjoy instant coffee and tea more than the fuss of freshly ground coffee. The Smarter wifi kettle is one of the best options available on the market right now. This kettle goes beyond boiling water. It offers different temperature settings depending on what beverage you are drinking. That’s right, green tea is better at a different temperature than say, instant coffee. When you are on your way home or still sleeping, simply schedule the kettle to boil before you plan on arriving home or waking up. You’ll even get a notification on your phone when it’s ready. It can also remind you when to refill and let you know when the kettle is empty.

The Poppy Pour-Over is perhaps the most advanced smart coffee maker on the market right now, and coffee fans are going crazy for it. This is largely because this isn’t your average coffee maker – it’s pour-over coffee, which is coffee talk for fancy coffee. The appliance, which looks like chemistry set, makes the perfect cup of fresh pour-over coffee, either on demand or scheduled ahead of time. There are different settings so you can adjust the coffee strength, grind size, brew time, and temperature of your coffee. With the Wink app, you can even share your favorite settings with your fellow pour-over aficionados.

What’s really cool – and makes it far superior to other coffee makers – is the fact that you can get automatic refills on your favorite coffee beans, water filters, and coffee filters via Amazon. When the machine detects you are running low, it automatically orders new ones. The brand has even created a smart infant formula machine and smart pet feeder, which similarly ensures you never run out on your dog food or baby formula.

As awesome as these coffee makers are, I’m excited to see more advances, such as ways to eliminate even having to add water. But, with how home automation is progressing, I imagine we’ll see such an appliance sooner than later.

Photo by: Brandon Shea