Loading up on Smart Laundry Features

fresh laundry

For those that still use coin-operated, public washers and dryers, the thought of smart laundry seems like something for the far-away future.

But for those with the space in their home for machines, and the budget for upgrades, smart laundry is a thing of the present. The top brands in the industry, including LG and Whirpool, are offering smart washers and dryers that have a long list of convenient features. Here are some of the things that you can expect from a smart laundry system.

A tech for your tech. Using the accompanying app for your system, you can troubleshoot your unit if you have issues. If the app is able to diagnose your issue, it is also able to run a fix, or send you the instructions to correct it yourself. No phone call required, no technician appointment needed.

Add specialty cycles. Have a load that doesn’t fit into the specs of any of the included cycles? No problem! Just download the cycle you need an access it instantly on your unit. You can also create your own specialty cycles, then save them to your machine for future use. If you are downloading a cycle, you can find ones that were created by engineers to be the most efficient cycle for your load.

Maintenance reminders. Smart laundry units have built-in cleaning cycles too, and the system will tell you when it is time to run those. It’s like your self-cleaning oven, but it’s your washing machine.

Laundry statistics. Check your laundry statistics, including information about your most recent washes. Find you if you are using your washer and dryer in the most efficient way, double check the cycle you used last, and even check in to see how your other households members are using the smart laundry system.

Remote starts. You can prep your laundry in the morning, then remotely start the washer before you leave work. That way, the clothes are ready for the dryer when you get home, and they haven’t had to sit in the washer wet all day.

Order supplies. You can connect your laundry system to a shopping account, like Amazon, and set up automatic reorders of things like laundry detergent and fabric softeners.

Connect with your smart home. Some units can connect with other smart home products, like Nest, to activate energy-saving cycles or adjust running times.

Give back. Your smart laundry app might even be able to allow you to donate a certain amount of money for each load of laundry you do. You can help other families in need just by washing your clothes.

The bad news is that these smart products are pretty expensive. You’re looking at around $3,000 or more just for the units themselves, without tax, delivery, and installation charges. The good news is that beyond just being connected appliances, these smart washers and dryers have all kinds of other bells and whistles, including the ability to do two loads at once.

Do you use a smart laundry system? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!