Innovative Ways to Use Video Doorbells

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I saw a hilarious video recently where a radio DJ from San Diego named Jesse Lozano used his video doorbell to play a prank on his wife. Jesse claimed on his Facebook page that it was his wife’s idea to get the Ring Video Doorbell so he rang the doorbell at a time that he knew she would be at the grocery store. When the video turns on, he is playing a song on his phone, and basically having his own Lip-Sync Battle moment. At first his wife attempts to communicate to him, but she quickly realizes that he is up to something. His performance was complete with some front porch redecoration, and he even busted out a microphone stand at one point. Jesse performed the entire song, and included a moment where he ripped his shirt open. Surprisingly, his wife didn’t seem at all surprised that this was how her husband chose to use their $200 smart home technology.

Seeing this super innovative, and fun, way to use a video doorbell got me thinking: What are some other innovative ways that everyday people might be able to use video doorbells. Here are a couple of things that I came up with:

Video Plays

OK, bear with me on this one. What if you developed an elaborate scheme to do a short play via video doorbell feeds? You could choose an unsuspecting friend – maybe even one that is out of town – and play out each scene for each doorbell ring. It would be a super fun way to showcase some creativity, and a good way to pass the time on a weekend.

Prom Invites

Creative prom invites are in with the kids these days, and what better way than using a video doorbell that will save the experience on your cloud? I’d love to see what some of today’s youth could come up with sing this technology!

Flash Mobs

While Flash Mobs are typically something done in public, it would be super fun to Flash Mob a video doorbell heavy neighborhood. You can assign doorbell ringers, and choreograph the entire affair so that participants will be seen by everyone. Since most video doorbells will give you a visual beyond just your doorstep, this is a totally feasible idea.

Halloween Fun

For those Halloween lovers, don’t forget that the quintessential part of trick-or-treating is ringing the doorbell. Once the doorbell is triggered, you’ll have video of the entire porch to prank as you will. You can use the included intercom to speak (or scream) to the kids.

College Acceptance Letters

If you are, or have a kid who is, waiting for college acceptance letters, you can use the doorbell to trigger a video when they arrive. If your parent is at work, you can share your excitement with them. If you are the parent, you can send your kid a video of the letters. Video is way more fun than pictures!

How will you, or do you, use your video doorbell or other technology in an unexpected way? Share your ideas in the comments!

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