What You Got for Christmas vs. Smart Home Tech You Wish You Got for Christmas


Another Christmas has come and gone, and no matter how many hints you dropped or lists you made, you might not have gotten everything that you were hoping you’d get. Sure, the holiday isn’t just about getting presents, but you did get some and the truth is they didn’t all hit the mark.

What you got for Christmas and the smart home tech that would have been cooler to get

What you got: a shiny new vacuum!
What you wish you got: a smart floor cleaner

There are so many smart floor cleaners on the market – and you would have been fine with any of them. With or without a mopping feature. Instead, you have a clunky vacuum and now you have to find a place to store it when it isn’t being used. And to use it, you have to get it out, plug it in, and push it around. It isn’t going to feel like 2017 at all anytime you have to clean.

What you got: a lava lamp
What you wish you got: smart lights

Are we hinging on 2017 or 1995? I know that several states have now legalized medicinal and/or recreational marijuana, but that doesn’t mean that stoner décor is coming back in style. Instead of moving lumps of…something…you could have gotten much more use out of smart lights. You could have been controlling the dim settings, colors, and more all with your voice or with your mobile app. But hey, you can always plug your lava lamp into a smart plug so you can turn it on and off with smart home tech to try to retain some of your swagger.

What you got: a paper planner
What you wish you got: a smart home speaker/assistant

Who uses paper planners anymore? At the very least, people are using their Google calendars and their smart phones to keep track of their lives, right? Well, you’re the proud owner of a paper planner, so get used to it. You’ll have to find a way to carry it around, too. Good luck. You would have been much more excited to receive a new smart home speaker, like Google Home, to help you keep track of your daily events. The smart home speaker can even tell you the weather and order you dinner or a ride. Oh well, you’ll probably survive without it.

What you got: a lost key locator
What you wish you got: a smart lock

You routinely lose your keys, so obviously you get the perfect gift: a lost key locator! Just attach some sensor to your keys and when you lose them, hit a button so the sensor can blink and beep. That is for sure the best way to deal with a habitual key-loser. Except – it’s not. Instead, you could have gotten smart locks that use a digital key, cause while you lose your keys you keep your smart phone with you at all times. All times. Even in the bathroom.