The Glance Clock Wants to Take Notifications Off Our Wrists


The Glance Clock is a current Indiegogo project that is answering a need we didn’t know we had – because we might not. While the idea to combine a wall clock with a notification center does sound intriguing, it’s competing in an already oversaturated market of notification devices. These days we can have our notifications fed to use on our smart wristwatches, or we can even use our voices to ask our smart home assistants to give us on-demand notifications.

There is, however, probably a market a product like this. It can declutter our bodies and offer notifications in a space where we are already used to looking – the wall clock. Basically, the Glance Clock is a digital wall clock that sets out to use its bright full-color LEDs behind the clock face to tell you the time, and give you meeting alerts, fitness tracking, or a friendly reminder that your UBER has arrived—in an effort to help users organize and enjoy their lives.

Here are a few features of this crowdfunding home automation project:

  • Colorful calendar and schedule notifications, meeting reminders, and traffic reports
  • Alerts when you have a phone call, text or arriving Uber driver
  • Ability to color code your contacts
  • Weather updates
  • Connect to smart home devices and assistants for visual alerts and answers to your inquires
  • Control which applications are able to send alerts, reminders, and notifications
  • Alarms for waking up and connecting to people in other time zones
  • Fitness goals visualization

The Glance Clock also keeps track of news alerts and sports scores, and can display the name of the artist and song that you are playing through connected apps. It will support IFTTT recipes, and has open APIs so if there is something missing, it can be created.
The clock itself is visually appealing, and I wouldn’t mind having it in my house, but I’m not sure that we all need yet another way to connect. I suppose it all comes down to personal preference, however.
If you are interested in this project and want to support it, you can head to Indiegogo to pledge to one of the available levels. The Glance Clock retail price is $199, so signing up now will definitely save you a little bit of money. The clock will come in three colors: modern silver, elegant graphite, and premium copper. They will ship worldwide, with free shipping.

  • The Super Early Bird level is sold out. That one offered 50% off the retail price.
  • There are 100 total Great Deal levels available, which offer a 35% discount off the retail price. So, this level ends up costing the backer $129.
  • Those that miss the Great Deal can order with the Early Adopter level, which offers the Glance Clock for 25% off, or $149.
  • If you’re looking to get more than one, you can get the Duo Pack and save 50% the retail price, Your out-of-pocket cost will be $198 for this one, and there are only 100 total available.
  • There is also a Family Pack, which offers three devices for 50% off. Your total cost would be $297, and there are 100 total available.

Photo by: Glance Clock