Get Your Free Time Back with Smart Home Products That Do Your Chores


“Free time” might be a concept that you aren’t even familiar with anymore, but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are lots of smart home products on the market these days, and many of them are devoted solely to going to task on your standard household chores.

I can think of so many reasons that I would invest in a smart home product that does chores:
When the weather is nice, I want to be outdoors doing things, not cleaning things.
When the holidays arrive, my household is crazy enough without having to fit in time for chores too – plus, you’re too tired after everyone leaves to do all the cleaning.
I can make a one-time investment in these products and stop using a house-cleaning service that has a monthly fee.
I can think of better things to do with my money than to give it as an allowance to my kids when they do chores. I’d rather just save that money into a college fund; I can find other ways to help kids build a work ethic and learn responsibility. Plus, kids these days are already so busy with heavy schoolwork loads and sport and social activities. I’d rather give my kids a break from chores for as long as I can.

Indoor Chores

The list of indoor chores can be expansive, from floors to windows. These are the two things that I do not clean enough. Good news – I never have to clean them again. Instead, I can just go to sleep and wake up to clean floors and windows.

There are several smart home floor cleaners available now, and they do all types of different things. Some of them just sweep, some of them mop, and some of them are vacuum dustpans. Those that handle your sweeping and mopping are equipped with GPS and sensors, so they won’t run into your walls.

There is also a suction-based robot window cleaner that makes life worth living. While there is some minimal work to do with this option, you are definitely not doing the heavy lifting. You’ll need to get the job started by applying cleaner to your windows, but the bot does the rest. Stick it to the window and it becomes the army knife of cleaners; it’s equipped with a squeegee and cleaning pads. Walk away and let it do all the work.

Outdoor Chores

During the summer months, I love doing things outdoors: grilling, swimming, playing games in the yard, having friends over. I hate doing cleaning thing outdoors: cleaning the grill, cleaning the pool, cleaning the yard, making the outdoor of my place presentable for company.

But – you guessed it – I don’t have to worry about doing these things anymore. There is a robot for everything! (Though not one robot that does everything –yet.) I can get a robot that will scrub my grill, a robot that will scrub my pool, a robot that will clean my gutters, and even a robot that will mow my lawn.