Four Types of Buyers Smart Home Technology Associates Deal With


I talk a lot of about smart home technology and the people that use it, but I never really talk about the people that are responsible for selling smart home technology. These are the people that are on the phones and in the stores, hustling to make the cash registers ring. Sometimes they are on commission; sometimes they are hourly and getting paid whether or not you decide to buy. They encounter all sorts of people, and here are four types of buyers that smart home technology associates deal with on a daily basis:

The Know-it-All

Yup, we all know one of these types of people – they know everything, you are always wrong, they are always right, and they never back down. While it can be annoying to deal with this person in regular life, it’s extra exhausting to be a salesperson that is working with them. They will challenge everything the associate says, just for fun. Disagreeing is their favorite past-time. They might not even be there to buy anything – they might just be messing with the salesperson for sport. They already know what they are going to buy, and they won’t be upsold on anything. The know-it-all might be the worst type of customer on this list

The Non-Believer

This buyer has heard all the hype about smart home technology, and their friends and neighbors are probably already using it. They are curious about it, but they are still non-believers. They don’t really see the benefits of smart home technology yet, and they are definitely not sure that they want to make the investment. They will make that “I don’t believe you” to most things the sales associate says, and they are very unlikely to actually make a purchase. These buyers are the most fun for associates, because they are a challenge. Since the buyer is unlikely to make a purchase, it is extra rewarding for salespersons that can get them on board with a purchase.

The DIYer

I’m a DIYer, and I can see how sales associates might think I’m super annoying. I go against the grain; I hate to conform; I don’t want to buy the conventional products. Sales associates are trained to know everything there is to know about the latest, greatest technology and products, but they aren’t always as well-versed on the more obscure products, which are what a DIYer is going to go for.

The Tester

Testers are almost as bad as know-it-alls. They did their research before they came. They are educated and up-to-speed on all the newest products, but they act like they aren’t. They know the answers to all their questions already; they are just checking to see if YOU know the answer. They want to catch sales associates in a mistake, so that they can shame them.

Have you ever sold, or anyone that has sold, smart home technology? Share your “worst buyer ever” story with me in the comments section.