Delivery Options for the Holidays


We’ve all seen the stories on the news: someone had a package delivered during the holiday season, and a security camera caught a thief stealing that package from the porch right after it was delivered. What a Grinch. Sorry not sorry, you terrible thieves, but there are tons of options for online shoppers nowadays, and your “haul” is about to take a serious hit.

Online shopping is a great way to avoid the anxiety of stores during the holiday season, and it also expands your shopping options while making tons of deals available. There is even a full day devoted to online shopping, called Cyber Monday, that has come to rival Black Friday shopping deals. Online holiday shopping is not slowing down, and neither are the delivery options that shoppers have now thanks to advances in smart technology.

Maybe you work from home or are able to have your packages delivered to work. Good for you! But for those of us that can’t use either of those options, there are safe ways to have all your holiday packages delivered.

Home Access Delivery

Some people might not be completely comfortable with home access delivery, but it beats having your stuff stolen. This option works only with certain retailers, and in collaboration with smart home devices which you’ll have to purchase and set up ahead of time. Basically, a deliver driver is able to use your smart home products to unlock your home, drop your package inside, and then lock your doors again. Their access is temporary and one-time, so they can’t share it with anyone else or come back later to rob you.

Trunk Delivery

OK, fine, you are just **not** going to let delivery drivers access your home. Maybe you have pets, or maybe you’re just too private. I get it. But fear not, there is another option for you as well! If you have a car, you can allow delivery drivers to drop packages off directly in your trunk. This service is not available for all makes and models of cars, but is supported by most newer model vehicles. Basically, you tell the retailer the general area where you expect the car to be parked during the expected delivery window, and they use temporary, one-time access that unlocks your car so they can leave your packages.

Lockers/Pick Up Locations

If you are delivering directly to someone else, you obviously won’t be able to approve delivery drivers accessing their home or car. Or at least, you definitely shouldn’t because that can cause a lot of issues. In these cases, you have a few non-smart-technology options. First, the retailer might be able to deliver to a “locker” or other secure location. The second option is to ship to a store for pick up by your recipient. Both of these options will, of course, require you to spoil the surprise, though, as you’ll have to tell the recipient that something is coming and give them instructions for picking it up.

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