Connecting The Cooks: 9 Smart Products for Any Kitchen


Smart home technology exists for almost anything you can think of, and even for some stuff you’d never think of. One home area where smart tech is super creative is for the kitchen. Whether you are a beginner smart home person or an expert, here are nine smart home products for any kitchen.

For the beginner…..

  • Digital Counter. This product is great for kitchens, though it does fall a little short of other smart home tech. Right now, there isn’t a product that is a digital counter that you can check on your phone, or that will send you alerts. Still, it’s great to pop this thing on your leftover and have it start counting. You’ll never have to wonder if that Chinese food is safe to eat or not again.
  • Egg Tracker. There are nifty little egg trays out there that will alert you to which eggs in your stash are the oldest, and which might be going bad. This tray does connect to an app, so you can check up on your eggs using your phone. It can even use IFTT functionality to alert you when all your eggs are bad.
  • Motion Sensor Lights. We often think of smart home tech as super advanced devices, but they can be as simple as motion sensor lights. A great use for these in the kitchen is for your pantry, or even to stick under each cabinet shelf. I like the idea of using one near your spice rack, so as soon as you start looking for something, you’ll have light. They can also be added to anywhere there is a dark corner.

For the novice…..

  • Smart Thermometer. Smart thermometers can help make anyone a master chef. You can dig your thermometer in, set your desired end temperature, and leave it. It will use the companion app to alert you when your food is nearing, or has achieved the desired temperature.
  • Coffee Maker. For smart coffee, you can either buy an already connected device, or you can use a smart switch to give you remote control of your brew. Either one will allow you to use a phone or tablet for control. A smart coffee maker will allow you to set modes that can trigger a function based on geo-location or on a set of rules or IFTT connections.
  • Crock Pot. Like the coffee maker, your crock pot can be connected and controlled remotely using your phone or tablet. You can turn the pot on or off, adjust the temperature, and edit the cooking time from anywhere.

For the expert….

  • Stove. Manage your cooking and cleaning, and your repairs, with smart home tech. You can control power and temperatures, so that your cooking and baking can be done with precision.
  • Fridge. Smart fridges come with an impressive screen and allow you to mirror your smart phone, playback from smart TV, add memos, and listen to the radio.

Are you ready to make your kitchen smart with these devices? Let me know what devices you are using in your kitchen, and how you are using them, in the comments section.

Photo by: Sue Adler